Windshield Wiper Fluid or Water?


Windshield WasherWhen you find out you are out of windshield wiper fluid, and start thinking through the hassle of stopping at the auto parts store and getting a gallon of windshield washer fluid, it can be tempting to think about just adding water and hoping that will do the trick and get rid of that annoying light on your dashboard letting you know it’s time to fill the washer fluid reservoir.  When you have that thought, you should dismiss it quickly and think of a better plan.  A better plan might be to make sure you always have windshield washer fluid on hand at home so when you’re low it’s easier to fill up.

How to refill windshield wiper fluid the right way

There are a few ways to make sure you have windshield washer fluid at home ready to go.  One is to buy the blue stuff in bulk next time you go to the auto parts store.  This may not be the most effective way of doing it because now you’re stuck with gallons of washer fluid that take up a lot of space, may leak or spill, and are heavy and annoying to move.  A much more economical solution is to always make sure you have BlueDevil Windshield Washer Concentrate on hand.  BlueDevil Windshield Washer Concentrate comes in a small 16 oz bottle that makes up to 16 gallons of high quality windshield washer fluid.

When using concentrate, how do I figure out how much windshield washer fluid to use?

First, find out how big the windshield wiper fluid reservoir is in in your vehicle.  This information can usually be found in the user’s manual for your vehicle or with a quick internet search.  Once you’ve determined the size of your windshield washer fluid reservoir, determine how much you BlueDevil Windshield Washer Concentrate to add.  In summer months add 1 oz of Windshield Washer Concentrate per gallon and in the winter, add 4 oz per gallon.  Using the attached measuring cup, add the appropriate amount of formula to your washer fluid reservoir, then top off with water.  Done!

Using BlueDevil Windshield Washer Concentrate can save you money, time, and space on the shelf.  It can also save you a lot of trouble should you have chosen to just add water to your wiper fluid reservoir.

Windshield Washer FluidUsing pure water in your windshield washer fluid reservoir can be a bad idea for a variety of reasons.  If you have ever tried this, you know you’ll regret it the second you give the washer button a push.  Spraying pure water on your windshield will not include the solvents windshield washer fluid has, so stuck-on bugs and grime will usually stay stuck, or just streak and smear making it even more difficult to see.  Also, pure water evaporates even more slowly than windshield washer fluid so you will have your wipers running far longer using pure water to “clean” your windshield.  Lastly, if you happen to leave water in the fluid reservoir during a cold snap, or until winter, you will discover the joys of a frozen washer fluid pump or broken reservoir making it impossible to clean your windshield until you replace much of your windshield washing system.

For your safety and sanity, always keep BlueDevil Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate on hand.  You can purchase BlueDevil Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate online directly from BlueDevil and have it shipped to your door here.

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