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The following videos were made by Live Leak Free, Under the Hood to show you how to repair your car. If you don’t find a video that fits your exact make and model, remember, repairs to models like yours are still sometimes applicable. For everything from how to bleed a clutch to how to stop oil leak, Live Leak Free has you covered. Our auto repair how-to videos are designed to help you with your everyday car problems. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to fix your car in these auto repair videos, including:

• How to fix exhaust leak
• How to replace a transmission
• How to tell if head gasket is blown
• How to fix power steering leak

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Head Gaskets

Repairing a Blown Head Gasket

Fluid Oil System

Replacing an Oil Pan
Replacing Valve Covers & Gaskets
Repairing a Stripped Oil Drain Plug
Pinion Seal Replacement

Cooling System

Replacing a Lower Radiator Hose
How to Change a Thermostat

Transmission System

Transmission Fluid & Filter Change
Changing Your Transmission Fluid
Transmission Seal Replacement
How to Change Transmission Fluid
Transmission Fluid Replacement

Belt Replacements

Replacing Your Accessory Belt
Serpentine Belt Replacement


Replacing a Brake Caliper
Replacing a Brake Light
Drum Brake Replacement Basics
Bleeding & Filling your Brake System


Axle Shaft Replacement Basics
Replacing a U Joint
Changing Differential Fluid
Slip Yoke Seal and Transfer Case Replacement
Replacing Transfer Case Fluid

Fuel System

Fuel Pump Replacement
Changing a Fuel Filter

Ignition System

Replacing a Distributor!
How to Change Spark Plugs
Installing a Distributor Cap and Rotor
How to Change Starter

Electrical System

Testing your Car Battery
How to Change A Car Battery


Changing your Cabin Air Filter
How to Change an Air Filter

Wheels & Tires

How Do You Check Tire Pressure
How to Change a Wheel Speed Sensor