Power Steering Fluid



Power Steering Fluid

Part: # 70229, 70230 | Size: 12 oz., 32 oz. |

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A power steering leak can have a severe impact on how your vehicle handles curves when turning and how well it can drive in a straight line. If your car is low on power steering fluid it can be a safety hazard and lead to serious damage to your vehicle. You can refill or top off your power steering fluid by using BlueDevil’s Power Steering Fluid. BlueDevil Power Steering Fluid replaces your OEM power steering fluid. It’s safe and easy to use and guaranteed to work or your money back. BlueDevil Power Steering Fluid works on gasoline or diesel engines. BlueDevil OEM Power Steering Fluid is specially formulated to be compatible with GM, Ford, & Chrysler power steering systems. Recommended for complete fluid refill or top off.

  • Helps Prevent Wear and Corrosion
  • Helps Quiet Annoying Squeals and Squeaks
  • Smooths and Eases Steering Operation
  • Helps Prevent Slippage
  • High Mileage Multi-Vehicle Formula

12 oz | Part #: 70229

32 oz | Part #: 70230



Consult Owner’s manual to assure correct fluid type and proper reservoir levels.  With motor turned off, add fluid to power steering reservoir.  Do not fill above the specified level.  Always check drive belt adjustment.