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Head Gasket Sealer

Part: # 38386 | Size: 32 oz. |

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You probably never think of your car’s head gasket until something goes wrong and you’re forced to deal with it. It is a vital component that usually doesn’t require much maintenance, but you will want to do everything you can to prevent it from cracking and becoming a blown head gasket. There are simple fixes out there that can seal a leak in your head gasket before the problem gets out of control and extremely costly. BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer
is your head gasket repair solution as it will repair and seal leaks in blown head gaskets, warped or cracked heads, heater cores, and freeze plugs. BlueDevil contains no solid or particulate matter and will not clog or harm your engine. It bonds to metal, aluminum, cast, alloy, or plastic, and it’s safe and easy to use as a permanent seal for your head gasket leak. BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer is compatible in gasoline and diesel engines. Many people are unsure how to fix a blown gasket, but know that Blue Devil’s Head Gasket Sealer is the best formula available as it stops leaks permanently. We’ll walk you through how to use BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer for your vehicle to ensure that your head gasket leak is sealed correctly. 

  • Good for Head Gaskets, Warped or Cracked Heads, Heater Cores, and Freeze Plugs
  • Contains no solid or particulate matter that can harm a vehicles engine
  • Gasket sealant is an alternative solution for costly and time consuming repairs
  • Safe and easy to use, permanent repair


Directions: BlueDevil Instructions for Head Gasket Sealer



  1. Cooling system must be clean and free flowing before applying BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer.
  2. REMOVE THERMOSTAT and flush cooling system using BlueDevil Radiator Flush (or comparable flushing agent) and then flush with water.
  3. Fill cooling system with WATER. Leave enough room for the recommended amount of BlueDevil. (See Table)
  4. IMPORTANT: ENGINE MUST BE COLD BEFORE YOU BEGIN. Remove the radiator cap and start the engine while cold, then turn heater to Max.
  5. IMPORTANT: POUR SLOWLY! With the engine idling, SLOWLY POUR BlueDevil into the radiator (take 1 minute pour time for entire bottle – 30 seconds for 1/2 bottle). After pouring BlueDevil slowly, let vehicle idle with CAP ON for 50 minutes. You do not need to flush the system a second time after process is complete.
  6. Let engine cool before installing new thermostat. Drain enough fluid to refill with compatible antifreeze.

CAUTION! Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye or skin contact. If eyes or skin become irritated, rinse with cold water immediately. If swallowed, drink large volumes of water. Consult a physician if discomfort occors


If you have further questions in regard to the proper application of this product, please call 1.888.863.0426 to speak with our Tech Department.

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Truly a 5 star product...

Hi i just wanted to submit my review on BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer Product # 38386. I own a 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty 5.4L 4X4. For the past year the head gasket has had a slow leak on passenger side cylinder # 3. I have tried (competitor products) both slowed the leak only for a couple days. The leak has got worse having to add a gallon a day to system with a miss from dead cylinder due to plug fouling from coolant in cylinder. I do a google search for top rated head gasket sealers with most sites recommending BlueDevil so i pony up the cash, follow instructions while i was adding the sealer slowly the engine miss clears up after only a half bottle is poured i continued adding the other half bottle to system and capped the reservoir. Leak is no more, engine miss no longer exists! I truly cannot believe that within 30 seconds of pouring in the sealer that the dead cylinder miss immediately went away, truly a 5 star product. I would highly recommend this product to anyone, i am still amazed how well the sealer worked.


I used the Head Gasket Sealant about 3 weeks ago. Carefully followed all directions. I am very pleased that the car is running beautifully. The engine has GREAT power and no white smoke. The car has been driven approximately 200 miles. Question: How many miles must I put on my car before I drain the radiator, put in antifreeze and replace thermostat? Thank you so very much for saving my car!!

Please Read!

I had water pouring out of the tail pipe like someone had turned on a water hose , After using Blue Devil I was amazed it really works, I thank the maker of this product , Anyone who says it doesn’t work must have not followed the instruction . I had a shop look at my engine after I used the Blue Devil not telling them what I’d done received 100 0/0 no problems . Thank you Patricia Slater KCMO

IT Performs...

I have been pushing your products since i have used them and am convinced that it is god in a bottle. IT performs miracles. I just put Blue Devil in my corvette where I was losing a gallon of coolant in 70 miles. Within 5 minutes it was healed. Before I am done i’m sure i’ll have all your products in my car. Follow directions and it works. – Brian – Charlotte, NC

Great Stuff

Just thought I’d drop a note of my experience with BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer, the yellow label. I know it says that it’s not recommended for the North Star motor but I had to give it a shot. I think the bottle states that because the North Star usually has head bolt issues and a sealant may be a tough fix. Anyway, I had a shop do the treatment (they weren’t thrilled about it, but the they did it) and made sure that they followed the instructions explicitly. It worked! More than a 1,000 miles later it is still holding. That and consider I live in Phx, AZ so may average outside temp for the last 1,000 miles has been over 100 degrees and I’m pretty impressed!! I don’t think I got lucky, I think conditions were just right. My leak was very slight, we followed the instructions and the circumstances were right. Thanks, great stuff. Gino – Phoenix, AZ

Great Product!

What a product! The BlueDevil products are amazing. It helped stop my power steering from leaking on my 1998 Land Rover Discovery. BlueDevil is a great and easy to use product. It saves time and money, and it really works! No more costly repairs and time lost at dealerships or mechanics. Just follow the directions, it is just that easy! No more black spots on the driveway. I would recommend this to every do-it-yourselfer out there. – B Rosenberg

Saved my $2000

BlueDevil saved me from spending over $2,000 on a head gasket repair and my Lincoln is still running fine a year later. Thank you so much for this miracle product! ” Ernie – Oxford, MS

BlueDevil Works!

BlueDevil works! It saved me from having to junk the car altogether or tearing down the engine to replace the block. The car is so old it just wouldn’t be worth that kind of investment. Finally, a product that works as advertised. Thank you! Darrell – Auto Parts Store Manager

BlueDevil Saved My Car!

BlueDevil saved my car! It completely sealed my cracked engine block. I couldn’t believe it! In this day and age, finding something that actually works and does what it says is far and few between. Congratulations on a great product!


I used BlueDevil two years ago and after 15,000 miles my car is still running strong with no problems. I recommend your product to everyone! ”
Luis – San Diego, CA

BlueDevil is GREAT

A mechanic at triple A recommended your product verses a $1600 head job. I have tried products similiar to this before, with no luck. As you know, im sure this product workes!!I will recommened to everyone, going to get my son a bottle this weekend.Thank you so much!!! BLUE DEVIL IS GREAT!

BlueDevil on an 88 Cadillac SLS

My Girlfriend gave me a 1998 Cadillac SLS as an early Christmas present in November, and I was concerned with the Northstar engine problems. Well of course the car overheated the first time I drove it, and the dealer wouldn’t do anything. I decided to try the Blue Devil Head Gasket fix, Figured 65.00 was better than the 2-5000.00 fix. Worked like a charm. Drove the car to Las Vegas over the holiday and ran like a Cadillac Should. I have and will continue to recommend the product to anyone that has an over heating problem. Great Products that actually works.


It permanently seals cooling system leaks such as radiators, heater cores and freeze plugs. It also permanently seals most blown head gaskets, cracked heads, warped heads and cracked blocks.

Yes. BlueDevil is safe to use in all water-cooled systems. It is non-clogging and is 100% chemical. It does not contain any filings or pellets that can plug up radiators.

Yes. Flush the radiator and cooling system with a flushing agent after removing the bottom radiator hose. Flush thoroughly a second time with water to remove all traces of agent.

No. All cooling related problems must be solved first. Defective fan switch, fan clutch, clogged or restricted cores, heavy scale and sediment deposits, or systems jellied from antifreeze must all be properly functioning and capable of adequately cooling the vehicle.

BlueDevil reacts to temperature differential created by airflow at the leak point. That temperature differential is the catalyst for the chemicals in Blue Devil to react and form its chemical weld.

BlueDevil PERMANENTLY seals leaks.

  • A rough idling engine with large amounts of vapor coming from the tailpipe
  • Loss of coolant without an external leak and carbon deposits inside the tailpipe
  • Bubbles in the radiator

No. There are no preventative claims made for the product.

Yes, BlueDevil will seal leaks in all types of freeze plugs.

Yes, BlueDevil must be applied to a free flowing system.

Yes, it is suitable to repair all types of leaks in all types of heater cores.

BlueDevil should not be used to seal seam leaks in radiators or heater cores.

Yes, BlueDevil will bond to all metal types-aluminum, steel, cast iron, even plastic cores and tanks.

No, the application should be used for those customers who are unwilling or don’t have the money to spend on a car what would not justify the expense.

BlueDevil will work when the diagnosis is correct and it has been used in accordance with the directions.

These are telltale signs of a radiator that is in need of service. When fluids are not changed often enough under severe operating conditions or in areas with hard water, scale deposits form in the passages of the core. Sometimes the old fluids will jell or crystallize and can be seen in the system. To remove these deposits flush cooling system using a flushing agent or a flushing machine.