Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak



Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak

Part: # 70231, 70232 | Size: 12 oz., 32 oz. |

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A power steering leak can have a severe impact on how your vehicle handles curves when turning and how well it can drive in a straight line. This can be a safety hazard and lead to serious damage to your vehicle. You can fix your power steering fluid leak by using BlueDevil’s guaranteed power steering fluid with stop leak. BlueDevil Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak Additive is specifically formulated to stop leaks by softening and conditioning hardened seals and gaskets. Seals and gaskets in older vehicles dry out, harden and shrink causing system leaks. It is compatible with synthetic and conventional fluids.

  • Prevents and Stops Leaks
  • Restores Worn Seals
  • Helps Stop Noise and Wear
  • Improve Vehicle Longevity and Performance
  • High Mileage Multi-Vehicle Formula

12 oz | Part #: 70231

32 oz | Part #: 70232