Motor Flush



Motor Flush

Part: # 70233 | Size: 32 oz. |

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BlueDevil Motor Flush is specially blended formula of solvents and lubricants is designed to remove sludge, gum and varnish that can buildup over time in an engine’s crankcase and lubricating oil system. Flushing the crankcase can extend engine life, reduce emissions, improve performance, and free up sticky valves and lifters.

  • Removes Sludge, Gum, and Varnish Buildup
  • Frees Up Sticky Valves and Lifters
  • Improves Performance
  • Premium High Mileage Multi-Vehicle Formula

32 oz | Part #: 70233


1. Add contents of bottle to crankcase prior to changing oil.  Oil level should be at the full line after the addition of BlueDevil Motor Flush.  Add Motor Flush before changing oil filter.

2. Start Engine and run at fast idle (1500-1800 RPM) for 5-10 minutes.  DO NOT DRIVE VEHICLE during the cleaning process.

3. Shut off engine and while still hot, drain the crankcase and replace the oil filter.

4. Refill crankcase with current specification motor oil.

NOTE: Extremely dirty engines with very high mileage motor oil may require a repeat flush treatment – Repeat steps 1-4.