Radiator Flush & Oil Degreaser



Radiator Flush & Oil Degreaser

Part: # 00203 | Size: 32 oz. |

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BlueDevil Radiator Flush & Oil Degreaser works hard on your cooling system to restore efficiency to keep your vehicle operating at peak levels. This high performance coolant flush works well in all vehicles, especially those with in need of a deep cleaning. Flushing your cooling system with BlueDevil Radiator Flush & Oil Degreaser will not only keep your system free of buildup, it also works as an oil degreaser and removes rust that has potentially built up in your system.

  • High Performance, Deep Cleaning Power
  • Oil Degreaser & Rust Remover
  • Restores vehicle efficiency


Directions: BlueDevil Radiator Flush & Oil Degreaser



CAUTION: Do not remove radiator cap when engine is hot.

  1. Starting with a cool engine, remove radiator cap, open draincock and drain cooling system. Collect used antifreeze for disposal. When disposing used antifreeze/coolant, please follow local laws and regulations.
  2. Close radiator draincock and add BlueDevil Radiator Flush & Oil Degreaser. Top off cooling system with water. Replace radiator cap. (Product services systems up to 12 quarts.)
  3. Start engine and run with heater on max for 20 minutes. For deeper radiator cleaning, drive your vehicle for 1-2 hours. Product can remain in the system for up to 4 hours. Do not let the cooling system temperature fall below 32 degrees F.
  4. Allow engine to cool. Flush cooling system thoroughly with water until all cleaner is removed.
  5. Close drain and install required amount of antifreeze. 

WARNING: Avoid contact with eyes. If contact, flush eyes with a large amount of water. For skin contact, wash with soap and water. Keep out of reach of children.


If you have further questions in regard to the proper application of this product, please call 1.888.863.0426 to speak with our Tech Department.

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