Rear Main Sealer

BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer


Rear Main Sealer

Part: # 00234 | Size: 8 oz. |

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A rear main seal keeps your vehicle’s oil inside of the rear of the engine. When there is a leak in this region, it can be an expensive fix because it involves removing the transmission. However, with BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer
permanently stops rear main seal leaks. Just add to the engine oil to restore and seal gaskets. BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer is a great repair for timing cover leaks. 

  • Guaranteed to Permanently Stop Rear Main Seal Leaks
  • Restores Dried, Cracked, and Shrunken Rubber Seals
  • Works in Gas or Diesel Engines


Directions: BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer



  1. Turn engine off, pour 1 bottle (8 oz.) into engine oil.
  2. Start engine and drive vehicle or equipment until leaks are sealed. (Up to 2 days drive time)
  3. One 8 oz. bottle treats up to 8 quarts of oil.

BlueDevil works as a permanent repair and does not need to be added when oil is changed.

BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer restores seals to their original condition while you drive. It works on gasoline or diesel engines that use synthetic or conventional oils. BlueDevil does not contain petroleum distillates which can destroy seals. If leaks persist, contact technical support at 1.888.863.0426.


CAUTION! Avoid contact with skin. Keep out of reach of children. Always use protective eyewear.

Disposal: In accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.


If you have further questions in regard to the proper application of this product, please call 1.888.863.0426 to speak with our Tech Department.

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265,000 miles and Rear Main Seal fixed leak!

’92 Camry with 265,000 miles leaking 1 quart of oil every 4 to 5 weeks. Tried various stop leak products with no success. As a last resort I tried Blue Devil and it slowed the leak in the first week and after several weeks there were no more oil leaks. I still find it hard to believe. I even saved the sales receipt because I was sure I was going to have to ask for my money back! It was highly recommended and with the money back guarantee what did I have to lose.

surprised me

Wasn’t sure about the stuff but read some reviews and thought I would give it a shot and the stuff works. But it in my 92 dodge that would leave big spots where you parked it. It also sealed the valve cover that leaked and always smelled burning oil. Have new valve cover gaskets to put on yet. Surprised me that it sealed everything including the valve cover that it thought was shot. This is great stuff. Going to but it in my other vehicles.

Super BlueDevil

It works very well, like magic.

Thanks BlueDevil!

I just want to take a minute of your time and thank you guys for making a great Rear Main Sealer, Thanks to Mr. Jose Barrios I was able to STOP the leak on my Rear Main Seal! Keep On making it, and we keep buying it!

Running Great!

I saved my customer over $750 on his rear main seal leak with the BlueDevil and have only seen him twice for his annual oil changes, the truck is running great!” Harry – Flint, MI

Great Product!!

My rear main seal was leaking slowly and I could not afford the $1,000 quote that my mechanic gave me to fix it, BlueDevil saved me $980 and I have been driving the vehicle for 5,000 miles without a drip, thanks for such a great product!” Bill – Buffalo, NY

Three for Three!

I have gone three for three on fixing rear main seals leaks with your product, each bottle fixed a different car, I don’t know how this secret has been so well kept but I’m telling everyone I see to try it out! Ron

ASE Certified Mechanic

My name is Brad and I’m an ASE Certified mechanic. I bought your BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer about a month ago. I poured about half of the bottle in my in-laws’ 95 Dodge Neon that leaked about 2 quarts of oil every 3-5 days from the rear seal. About 3 days into adding it I noticed the leak slowing. By the end of the first week the leak has completely stopped! That was 3 weeks ago. I’m very impressed with this product and will recommend it to anyone that can’t afford to fix it! Thanks again you guys saved me about 7-10 hours worth of labor! “Brad Ferrier – Clearwater, FL

Worked for Me!

3/3/11 I must say, your rear main seal worked for me. I found you on line and in that moment felt some hope. I am a mail carrier and drive a 1995 jeep, which had developed a pretty bad oil leak. I narrowed it down to a leaking rear main seal. Desperately needing a miracle, I ordered your product. It took a couple of days, and I actually did a second treatment. Wow, the leak is gone like magic. I have already told others about your products.Your product fixed my problem; with the extreme driving I have to do each day, it’s a perfect solution for any normal driving use. – Randy

Their products work!

Folks if you’ve ever thought testimonials were fake, think again. I recently commented on BlueDevil Gasket sealer and I’m about to on the BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer. I’m a 24 yr AF Vet who really does live in Fairview Hts, IL and struggles like most to keep older vehicles driveable. USA Sealants you’ve done it again! 6 weeks after using BlueDevil Gasket Sealer for coolant leak, my 174K mi Lumina had simultaneously been leaking oil so I tried your Rear Main Sealer in oil… “BAM” 2 weeks later and oil dipstick has not moved from “full” mark! I don’t know what your chemical engineers are doing, but don’t let them change the recipe. By the way, 3 months prior to this I tried using STP Oil Stop Leak, even tried a second can a month later…wow, that was a waste of money. USA Sealants I want to personally thank you for the money you have saved me…and with economic situation the way it is…you guys have been a savior. Folks, their products REALLY DO WORK! Kirk – Fairview Hts, IL


BlueDevil will seal leaks in any fluid systems that are seeping or dripping.

Use 1-8oz. bottle to treat leaks up to 8 quarts capacity.

Start engine and drive vehicle or equipment to let BlueDevil circulate. The repair is sealed while you drive (up to 2 days drive time).

NO. BlueDevil mixes with the oil and can stay in the system.

BlueDevil is a permanent repair!

YES. BlueDevil does not contain petroleum distillates, which can destroy seals after temporarily expanding them. It is safe to repeat treatment if other seals leak in the future.