Oil Stop Leak

BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak


Oil Stop Leak

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If your car has an oil leak, you should seek a solution immediately before the repairs get costly. Not only do oil leaks leave behind puddles of oil stains wherever you’re parked, but they also pose a hazard to the environment. With that in mind, sealing the oil leak should be at the top of your list of things to do. BlueDevil offers a permanent solution with our engine oil stop leak solution that is proven to seal your leak and get you back on the road again.

BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak seals engine oil leaks permanently. It is non-clogging and will not harm your engine. BlueDevil is safe and easy to use and is compatible in gasoline or diesel engines. Our stop leak additive solution is guaranteed to keep your leak sealed even after miles of driving or your money back. BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak is an oil leak sealer that will stop your oil leak permanently. 

  • Guaranteed to permanently seal seeping or dripping oil leaks
  • Repairs and reconditions rubber seals throughout any fluid oil system


Directions: BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak



  1. Pour 1 bottle (8 oz.) into leaking component’s oil sump, or crank case. Treats 4 to 6 quarts of motor oil.
  2. Start engine or equipment and operate for 1 to 2 hours or until leak has stopped (for extreme leaks up to 2 days drive time may be required).

Use this product for: pinion seals, gear cases, refillable shock absorbers, gear boxes, axle seals, and gear differentials.


CAUTION! Avoid contact with skin. Keep out of reach of children. Always use protective eyewear.

DISPOSAL: In accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.


If you have further questions in regard to the proper application of this product, please call 1.888.863.0426 to speak with our Tech Department.

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I’ve had my 1975 Chevrolet Nova for 11 years now. In the mornings, when I start up my car, there’s always been a plume of smoke. An associate at my work suggested I use your oil additive. I took his suggestion because he is as much of a stickler about car chemicals as I am.Yesterday I changed the oil, added your stop leak and drove it for a couple hours. This morning I had my wife watch as I started it up and it’s confirmed! NO MORE SMOKE!

Thank you so much,
Michael M.

Magic in a bottle

I had a couple leaks on my 94 BMW 525i. Car has 265k it would leave 5 or 6 big drops overnight. After 1 bottle and a few weeks it is now 1 small drop or 2 over night. That alone to me is worth it. Haven’t had to top up oil since using the bottle. I contacted blue devil who is very easy to get a hold of and they promptly shipped me another bottle free of charge recently which I haven’t had time to receive. I’m sure another treatment will do the job as others have also said. My car takes 7 quarts of oil and it treats 4 to 6 quarts so that may have been a factor. The customer service alone is enough for me to be satisfied. Thx again!


I just wanted to offer my thanks to your team once again for the unrivaled products you offer in the automotive “stop leak” realm. After finding success in using the trans sealer in my truck a couple years ago, I thought only of BlueDevil a week ago, when my engine exhibited a small oil leak underneath the pan. I take great pride in maintaining my (2) vehicles for looks and performance – and both have over 130k miles on them, (being 12 and 14 yrs. old). My truck is set up for performance and employs some modifications including a supercharger. I do not tolerate burning or leaking fluids, and keep a close eye on my garage floor for early detection. When the first drops appeared a couple weeks ago I was disappointed, but knew what my first reaction was going to be. Driving only (1) day, (about 50 miles) after adding your engine “oil stop leak” product, the leak was completely sealed. I was unable to determine which seal was leaking in my previous inspection due to the limited view available from most vantage points. But the beauty is, It doesn’t seem to matter! I carefully cleaned the areas where the oil had run down and my engine and concrete have both remained clean ever since. I would like to also thank your tech staff who answered a question I submitted online by calling me on my cell phone. It is such an incredible product that let’s you avoid literally hundreds of dollars and/or worse: extended down time – all by just pouring in a $20 bottle of BlueDevil. I don’t take that for granted. Thank you! Mark – Lusby, MD

87 Toyota Supra

1987 Toyota Supra 7MGE engine.Using about a quart of oil every 2 weeks.
Added your Stop Leak during my oil change on Saturday 12/15/2012. Have driven car nearly 350 miles. No leaks on garage floor, dip stick measures PERFECT! No lost oil! Also noticed improved performance and acceleration! Thanks a whole bunch to you Blue Devil Guys!!!! Will be trying the Power Steering stop leak next!!!!” – Art

Thank You!

4.5.11, I have a 2001 BMW X5 which developed a serious oil leak (everytime I stopped, there was a spot). I put a bottle of BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak BlueDevil in the oil and after a couple of days of driving, the oil leak was gone except for a small drop here or there. I put in another bottle and after driving for a 3 hrs, not a drop no where. The truck seems to be driving much better also, had white smoke out the back, now no more smoke. I am so pleased with this product, it really works. I’m telling everyone I can about it!! Thank You for producing this product… ” TC Campbell – Winnetka, CA

Zero Leaks!

I used BlueDevil in my van which has 130,000 miles on it – and I saved $1,000 – that was the quote for replacing all the seals. I am stunned at how effective it is! Zero leaks! Your product is great! Gary – Woodruff, SC

Tractor Fix!

My 1949 tractor was leaking oil considerably. After using BlueDevil, my leak stopped completely and my tractor is running better than it ever has!
Mark – Camden, AR

Back on the Road

BlueDevil has put my Acura Legend back on the road for less cost than a tank of gas! After using synthetic oil for ten years, so many of the gaskets and seals had started leaking that the repair estimates approached $1,000.00. I put BlueDevil and fresh oil in last Sunday and drove it for 3 hours, then all week, and have not seen, or smelled, any oil leaking at all! I am very impressed, and grateful. Thank you for a great product. ”
Chris Muscarella – Palm City, Florida

Motorcycle Testimonial!

TESTIMONIAL: MOTORCYCLE RIDERS READ THIS I recently purchased a 1982 Honda Goldwing 1100 Interstate. Although it only had 48,539 original miles, the bike is still 30 years old, which means gaskets and seals are questionable. The bike ran well, no leaks or smoking, but the carburetors were not synchronized so I had the carbs tuned by a mechanic. During the tuning process the mechanic wound up the engine to very high RPMs and although he got the carbs in tune he ended up causing other problems. The bike now had a head gasket leak, I was blowing white smoke out the pipes, you could see the water boiling in the oil through the inspection window and the engine was building up pressure from the steam and you could almost watch the reserve, overflow reservoir drain as the engine ran. Having owned over 67 vehicles (cars and motorcycles) over the last 42 years, and being a fairly good mechanic, I knew there were products on the market that claimed to seal head gasket leaks, many of which never worked, or worked poorly, but never have I run across one that claimed 100% money back guarantee. I was searching the internet and ran across the BLUEDEVIL head gasket sealant product. The web site really did not have much to say about the product, I guess I was looking for mounds and mounds of information on the product, but it said it worked and gave the guarantee. Expensive, yes, compared to other products, but I figured if it worked, it was worth the price. I went to my local Autozone store, purchased a bottle, drained my radiator, poured in the BlueDevil, filled the rest with water, started the engine, set the oven timer and let it idle for 50+ minutes as directed in the instructions. At the end of that time there still seemed to be smoke coming from the tail pipe so I was not convinced it worked. It was getting late, getting dark so I shut it down and figured I would look at it again in the morning. The next morning I started it again, smoke came out but subsided about 50%. I checked the oil and I no longer saw the boiling water in the oil and the pressure was no longer building up in the engine, I checked the smoke again and noticed the color had changed and the smell was more of burning oil, not water. At this point I realized I had other issues, the tune up also blew seals somewhere in the engine plus I now had a few seal leaks. When I looked up the BlueDevil web site originally (http://www.usasealants.com/products/blue-devil-head-gasket-sealant/) I noticed they had products for just about every engine and drive train components that could leak so I went back to the site. They had a product called WHITE SHEPHERD oil stop leak. I figured I would give this a try. I went back to my local Autozone and 3 others stores and none had the product. I figured I had to order it online. I had nothing to lose so I sent an e-mail to just about everyone on the USA Sealants web site and asked if they knew anyone in San Diego California that handled the product. To my surprise, very quickly, I received a few e-mails from different people in the company, including the President telling me they were looking into it. I actually received a phone call from Zach, their technical support guy and he directed me to O’Reillys Auto Parts and then went on to find one in my immediate area, called me back again and gave me the address of the location and told me they had 3 bottles on hand. Sure enough, I went there, bought a bottle and headed home to give it a try. This product was much less than the head gasket product so I guess I was a little skeptical. The White Shepherd Oil Stop Leak product takes a little more time which I was not sure I could devote at this time. It required you to add it to the oil and drive the vehicle for two hours or the equivalent over a few days before seeing results, and maybe having to try a second application. Well, I drained the oil and filter, put in new oil (not contaminated with water) and added the White Shepherd product. Again, I let the engine idle for almost an hour, I did not drive it, and really did not see any results, but, I was not really doing what the instructions called for. The bike sat the entire next day and at the end of the day I fired it up, still smoking, and I drove it slowly about 3-4 miles, shut it off for about 20 minutes and drove it home the same 3-4 miles, let it idle for about 20 minutes, still smoking and shut it down. I was not disappointed yet because I had not really done what the instructions called for. The next morning I fired up the engine again, some smoke, immediately went away, all leaks stopped, I cleaned off the engine and just let it idle, no leaks, no smoke, runs great. Had I not done this and seen it myself, I would have never believed either of these products would have worked as advertised. Well, they do. I believe these two products restored life to the my seals, and head gasket, and saved me tons of money tearing down the motor to initiate repairs. The company not only claims 100% money back guarantee but it claims these are permanent fixes, plus their customer support is outstanding. If you call, and get an answering machine, leave a message, they will call, or send an e-mail, you will be pleasantly surprised. One last note, I was surprised that both these products have the consistency of water so I could not understand how they would work. Don’t let this worry you, they work, somehow they work. I don’t really care how, just that they do. Plus you can leave both in your engine without worrying about damage. I am not a representative of the company and if you are a motorcycle rider and have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Bruce – thebruce@san.rr.com ” Bruce B. Mayer – 7.2.12

minor oil leak

Heard so much about this product online, and just put this in my engine hope this works!

Second treatment did the trick

Review update. Got the second bottle to retreat my car free of charge. Didn’t even have to pay shipping. My car no longer leaks any oil. Sometimes it takes a second shot. I guess but I can say it. Works. Save me well over a grand and alot of headaches. Thanks again blue devil!


BlueDevil is a permanent repair!

BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak works while you drive. BlueDevil absorbs into the seal to soften, expand & revitalize the size and flexibility to its original condition.

BlueDevil will seal leaks in any fluid systems that are seeping or dripping.

One bottle treats 4 to 6 quarts of motor oil.

Start engine and drive vehicle or equipment to let BlueDevil circulate. The repair is sealed while you drive (up to 2 days drive time).

YES. BlueDevil does not contain petroleum distillates, which can destroy seals after temporarily expanding them. It is safe to repeat treatment if other seals leak in the future.