Transmission Sealer

BlueDevil Transmission Sealer


Transmission Sealer

Part: # 00236 | Size: 16 oz. |

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Need a transmission seal you can count on? BlueDevil Transmission Sealer permanently seals fluid leaks in your transmission, guaranteed. It restores gaskets and seals transmission leaks fast.

  • Guaranteed Permanent Seal
  • Restores Dried, Cracked, and Shrunken Rubber Seals
  • Works to Stop Leaks in Manual or Automatic Transmissions


Directions: BlueDevil Transmission Sealer




  1. Turn engine off and pour proper amount of BlueDevil Transmission Sealer into the transmission (1 ounce of BlueDevil treats 1 quart of transmission fluid).
  2. Drive vehicle until leaks are sealed. (This could take up to 2 days drive time.)

BlueDevil Transmission Sealer restores seals to their original condition while you drive and works with all types of transmission fluids.


CAUTION: Avoid contact with skin. Keep out of reach of children. Always use protective eyewear.

DISPOSAL: In accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.


If you have further questions in regard to the proper application of this product, please call 1.888.863.0426 to speak with our Tech Department.

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Exactly what it claims!

I’ve just used your transmission sealer and it did exactly what it claims, stopped my gearbox leak within 2 days of putting it in.
I’ve used other products that made the same claim but it didn’t work. I held off using your product due to the expensive price in the UK but I’m glad I saved up and purchased it. Well worth the money and saved me a very expensive gearbox seal replacement.
This email is just to say thank you from a satisfied UK user of your sealer.

Loved by this skeptic

I have never believed in “magic fluids” that fix mechanical failures in gaskets and seals, but when faced with a $900 transmission repair I decided to try this product.

After only 3 days in my system, I am astonished to report that my thoroughly shredded torque converter gasket (which used to drop about a quart every 100 miles) is completely sealed. I havn’t seen a drop spill in over a month since the leak first dissipated.

Kudos, Blue Devil. You have made a believer out of me.

The Best

I’ve tried a few products this one actually works. Within 2 days the chirping was gone and the leak was sealed. Highly recommended for your older vehicle. Saved me $$.

Ford Pinto Fixed!

Your BlueDevil transmission sealer kept my Ford Pinto on the road! I have had this car forever and although some consider it to be worthless it holds a certain value to me, my transmission started to leak just over a month ago, my local NAPA representative advised me to try BlueDevil out, after driving my car for the weekend the leak was non-existent, thank you! Rob – Fairfax, VA


This was the easiest fix I have ever encountered, I just poured this BlueDevil into my transmission fluid and two days later my leak stopped, I recommend this to everyone! Michael – Tyler, TX


If you are in the beginning stages of a transmission leak this product will not only cure the problem but has proven to be a permanent stop to the leak, my car is living proof of that! ” Paul – Athens, GA


BlueDevil Transmission Sealer is a unique plasticizer for rubber seals. BlueDevil absorbs into the seal to soften, expand & revitalize the size and flexibility to its original condition.

BlueDevil will seal leaks in any fluid systems that are seeping or dripping.

1 oz of BlueDevil treats 1 quart of transmission fluid.

Start engine and drive vehicle or equipment to let BlueDevil circulate. The repair is sealed while you drive (up to 2 days drive time).

NO. BlueDevil mixes with the fluid and can stay in the system.

BlueDevil is a permanent repair!

YES. BlueDevil does not contain petroleum distillates, which can destroy seals after temporarily expanding them. It is safe to repeat treatment if other seals leak in the future.