Radiator Flush



Radiator Flush

Part: # 00204 | Size: 32 oz. |

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Performing a radiator flush on your vehicle is a preventative task that you should regularly perform to extend the life of your vehicle and potentially stop the engine from overheating. It’s important to do a cooling system flush periodically to keep your system free from the harmful buildup that occurs over time.

BlueDevil Radiator Flush restores efficiency to vehicles by helping remove grease, rust, grime or any other build up that occurs during normal vehicle use. Our specially formulated coolant flush works well in all vehicles, especially those with high mileage warranting a deep flush. Flushing your cooling system with BlueDevil Radiator Flush will impact your vehicles performance and add life to your car! 

  • Extends Vehicle Life
  • Advanced Cleaning Power
  • Concentrated Formula


Directions: BlueDevil Radiator Flush



  1. When radiator is cool, remove cap, open draincock and drain cooling system. Collect used antifreeze for disposal. When disposing used antifreeze/coolant, please follow local laws and regulations.
  2. Close radiator draincock and fill cooling system with water. Reinstall radiator cap and run engine for 10 minutes with heater on max. Turn off engine for radiator to cool.
  3. Repeat (Step 1).
  4. Close radiator draincock and add BlueDevil RADIATOR FLUSH. Top off cooling system with water while motor is running. (Product services systems up to 12 quarts.) Replace radiator cap.
  5. A. For only flushing your radiator, run engine with heater on max for 10 minutes.B. For deeper radiator cleaning, drive your vehicle for 3-6 hours at normal driving conditions or intermittently over a period of a few days, if weather permits. Do not let the cooling system temperature fall below 32 degrees F.
  6. Allow engine to cool. Repeat drain procedure (Step 1). Flush cooling system thoroughly with water until all cleaner is removed.
  7. Close drain and install required amount of antifreeze.

WARNING: Avoid contact with eyes. If contact, flush eyes with a large amount of water. For skin contact, wash with soap and water. Keep out of reach of children


If you have further questions in regard to the proper application of this product, please call 1.888.863.0426 to speak with our Tech Department.

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Our concentrated formula treats cooling systems up to 12 quarts.

If you are installing the 32 oz. BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer, flushing your cooling system is mandatory prior to install. Most mechanics recommend a routine flush every 40,000 miles.

Yes. BlueDevil Radiator Flush is safe for all cooling system materials including aluminum, copper and plastic.

Yes. As the instructions state, you should drain the cooling system and refill it with water before adding BlueDevil.