Do you have a blown Head Gasket?

Learn how to fix a blown head gasket, and how to save time and money with an alternative solution from the BlueDevil Auto Pro

  “Your timing chain broke.” “You need a complete engine overhaul.” “You blew your rear main seal.” “Your mother-in-law is coming to stay for a few months.” These are among the scariest phrases for any vehicle owner. Add one more to that list: “You have a blown head gasket.” When it comes to an automobile,…

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Low Coolant Levels May Not Mean There’s a Leak

Learn what to do about low coolant levels and where your coolant may be disappearing from

How can it be that the level of coolant in your car is low but you don’t seem to have a leak? Aren’t low coolant levels an indication of a leak? And what is the big deal about coolant in the first place? It is possible for levels to drop without a visible leak, or any…

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Locating and Fixing a Coolant Leak

Learn more about locating and fixing a coolant leak from the auto pros at BlueDevil Products

Coolant is critical to your car. It keeps the engine from overheating and grinding to a halt. Consequently, when your car has a coolant leak, it should be a matter of immediate concern. The cooling system includes numerous parts – the radiator, radiator fan, coolant hoses, water pump, coolant reservoir, and the coolant itself. Coolant…

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Is Your Head Gasket Blown?

Learn the signs of a blown head gasket and how to repair it from the auto pros at Blue Devil Products

When it comes to your automobile, a blown head gasket is just about the most expensive diagnosis there is, short of what happens if you continue to drive with your head gasket blown. The result of that could be catastrophic engine failure and a trip to the junk yard for a new engine – or…

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10 Myths About Car Repair and Maintenance

10 myths about car repair and maintenance from the auto pros at Blue Devil.

If you’re like most Americans, you drive your car every day and couldn’t really get along without one. It gets you to work, to the grocery store, around town and to visit family. Your car is essential to your lifestyle. That means car repair and maintenance are also essential to your lifestyle. If you want…

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10 Car Maintenance Tips Every Teen Driver Should Know

Teach these car maintenance tips from BlueDevil Products to your teen driver to keep them safe on the road and their car running great.

Getting the keys to a car is a great rite of passage for every American teenager. It divides their life into before and after, increases their mobility and sets the stage for their transition into adulthood. Plus, it makes them feel cool and grown up. Part of being grown up is not ignoring that squeaking…

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What Maintenance Does My Car Need?

Car maintenance can seem like a drag, but it's very important for your car. Learn what routine maintenance you car needs from the auto pros at BlueDevil Products.

For most people, a car is their second largest investment. It costs $20,000 or more new and generally requires a loan to purchase. Unlike the first largest investment, a home, the car is going to decline in value and eventually need to be replaced. That is why it is so important to do the proper car…

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10 Ways to Pass the Car Emissions Test

Need to pass the car emissions test? The auto pros at BlueDevil Products tell you how.

With the 1970 passage of the Clean Air Act, and new attention being paid to the pollutants being emitted by cars and trucks, many states began requiring that every car on the road pass an emissions test prior to the renewal of the registration. In some states, the tests are annual, others require it every…

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How to Improve the Fuel Efficiency of Your Car

Want to improve the fuel efficiency of your car or truck? Learn how here from the auto pros at BlueDevil Products.

In an age of electric cars and hybrids, the majority of us with ordinary gas-powered automobiles are becoming increasingly aware of the gas mileage our vehicles achieve. If your neighbor’s Prius gets 50 miles per gallon, it’s going to make you think twice about the 20 mpg you’re getting – and paying three dollars a…

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Why Are Some Car Repairs More Urgent Than Others?

Learn about some common emergency car repair causes from the auto pros at BlueDevil Products

Every car owner needs to know the signs of problems that may require emergency car repair. Some Car Repairs Require Immediate Attention, and Some Don’t You fell and hurt your arm. It is painful to lift it over your head or reach behind your back. You might make a doctor’s appointment right away – or…

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Car Repairs That May Cost More Than Your Car Is Worth

Your car repair cost may be more than your car is worth. Here's what to do from BlueDevil Auto Pros

Car repair cost is something every driver deals with, whether you do some of the maintenance yourself or always take your vehicle to the shop. Those dreaded words: You have a blown head gasket. They rank up there with “We need to talk” and “The IRS is auditing you” among the things we all least want…

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