Can I Change a Car Water Pump Myself?

car water pump replacement

Your car’s water pump does not make your car go. In fact, it doesn’t even make the parts that make the car go, work, at least not directly. But if your water pump fails, your cooling system stops working and then your engine seizes up. Thus, the water pump is vital to the operation of…

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Everything You Need to Know About Engine Repair

everything to know about engine repair

  If the heart is the engine of the human body, the engine is the heart of an automobile. It is the place in which air and gas are forced into a chamber and blown up in a process we call internal combustion, pistons to pump up and down inside cylinders, and the mechanics that…

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Oil Pan Replacement Cost

oil pan replacement cost

Maybe the most common and potentially devastating automobile ailment is an oil leak. There may be problems that occur more frequently – like flat tires and busted windshields – but their consequences aren’t as severe. There are more catastrophic issues, like a blown engine, but they’re not as common. It’s a little like a human…

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When Your Oil Pan Leaks

when your oil pan leaks

If you have ever changed your own oil, you have already dealt with an oil pan and oil drain plug. They are simple parts of your car, but when the oil pan leaks, it is potentially disastrous. The good news is, it’s easy to fix. The same is true if the oil pan gasket or…

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How Much Does Engine Repair Cost?

Learn about engine repair cost from the car repair experts at BlueDevil

Hoo boy, you just got the news you were hoping you wouldn’t hear: you broke your car engine and need to fix it. Knowing the engine is what makes the car go, you can only imagine what it will cost to have it fixed. Visions of next week’s paycheck fluttering out the window into the…

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An Expert Guide to Gasket Kits and Sealants

gaskets and seal

Your car is a series of machines that work together in amazing synergy to propel you through space at unnatural speeds. These machines produce fire and explosions and heat and friction; they circulate water, petroleum and other liquids, along with air and grease, and they release steam and smoke in the air. It’s an absolute…

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What Does a Transmission Weigh? An Overview

transmission fluid

The transmission in a car delivers the proper amount of power generated by the engine to the wheels, much the way the gear shifter on a bicycle works. Imagine getting on your bicycle and attempting to start from a standstill in the highest gear on the bike. It would be nearly impossible to move. You…

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Overcoming Overheating: Fixing Your Car’s Engine

overcoming overheating

It’s a Hollywood staple: the happy-go-lucky vacation sidetracked by the image of mom and the kids standing forlorn at the side of the road while dad waves a shirt at an overheated car engine, hood up and white smoke pouring out. Vacation ruined, danger lurking, cue the foreboding music. An overheated engine is actually the…

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Understanding Different Colored Fluid Leaks in Your Car

fluid leak in car

Your automobile operates on a carnival of boiling and cooling, valves opening and closing, metal pumping up and down, flowing liquids and little explosions dozens of times per minute. With all the moving parts, it’s a wonder that your car isn’t breaking down constantly. Yet, with a little maintenance, today’s cars can last half-a-million miles…

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