How to Keep Windshield Washer Fluid From Freezing


windshield washer fluid, how to keep your windshield washer fluid from freezingKeeping things from freezing in your vehicle is a great way to help get your car through this winter with the lowest possible repair bill.  For example, engine coolant is also called antifreeze because it not only cools your engine, but it is resistant to freezing to protect your engine from damage.  Properly mixed high-quality antifreeze can resist freezing down to -600!  Besides the engine coolant, fuel can also freeze if it gets very cold or has water in it and of course, windshield washer fluid can freeze.

If you’re wondering how to keep windshield washer fluid from freezing in your car then you probably already understand the dangers of things freezing.  Burst washer fluid reservoirs and broken pumps are the main casualties of frozen washer fluid but hoses and nozzles can easily be damaged as well. Oftentimes, repairs to these components can be very costly since they are situated low and behind bumpers and wheel wells liners so it’s important to keep them healthy.

How to Keep Windshield Washer Fluid From Freezing

  • Park in a garage if you know it will be cold
  • Provide heat for the reservoir
  • Use freeze-resistant washer fluid

Parking inside is one of the easiest ways to keep things from freezing on your vehicle.  Even if your garage isn’t heated, chances are it rarely drops below 40 degrees if it is attached to your house.  If you have a detached garage you may consider adding a small heater safe heater to keep your car happy this winter.

If you don’t have any way to keep your vehicle inside you may consider providing heat near the reservoir.  Some engine block heaters can be adapted to your windshield washer reservoir to keep it warm overnight. You may also be able to use something else warm, like a drop light with an incandescent light bulb placed near the washer reservoir.

Another easy way to keep your windshield washer fluid from freezing is to use freeze-resistant washer fluid.  If the washer fluid you installed in your car doesn’t say it is freeze resistant then it probably is not. Also if you mix freeze resistant fluid with non-freeze resistant fluid it will raise the temperature that it will freeze at which could endanger your system.  If you aren’t sure what type of fluid you currently have installed, consider draining the system completely before adding new low-temperature windshield washer fluid.

For an economical concentrated windshield washer fluid, use BlueDevil Windshield Washer and make your own windshield washer fluid!

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