Why Is There Transmission Fluid Leaking From the Bellhousing?

<Transmission Fluid Leak, transmission fluid leaking from the bellhousingTransmission fluid leaking from the bellhousing of your transmission means you’ve got a leak somewhere on the front of your transmission.  Unfortunately there area few places the fluid could be coming from and they are all pretty difficult to inspect.

The first step in diagnosing any transmission fluid leak from the front of your transmission is to see if your transmission has an inspection cover.  Most bellhousings do not go all the way around. They are sometimes split in half where the engine block meets the oil pan or have a cover at the bottom or top where you can remove a small plate and peek inside the bell housing.  Worst case scenario, you should at least be able to remove the start to get a peek at the flywheel.

Inspecting the flywheel, flex plate, clutch plate or torque converter is the best way to tell where your transmission fluid leak from the bellhousing is actually coming from.

Where is your transmission fluid leaking from the bellhousing coming from?

  • The torque converter
  • The transmission fluid pump seal
  • Transmission cooler lines
  • Bearing retainer plate
  • It’s not transmission fluid?!?

Once you’ve popped the inspection cover off look at the flexplate or flywheel.  If it’s got fluid dripping off the transmission side then you’ve got a transmission fluid pump seal leak if you’ve got an automatic transmission or a transmission front seal leak.  If there is no fluid on the flexplate or flywheel then you’ve got a bearing retainer plate leak in a manual transmission or a transmission cooler leak on an automatic transmission.

In an automatic transmission if the whole torque converter is covered in fluid, then chances are your torque converter has sprung a leak.  In any of these cases if the hard part repair doesn’t make sense for your vehicle or your budget, consider using BlueDevil Transmission Sealer to stop your leak guaranteed!

But what if your leak isn’t actually a transmission fluid leak?  Manual transmission fluid looks a lot like engine oil or clutch fluid.  If you’ve got a manual transmission check for a rear main seal leak or a leak in your clutch slave cylinder before you start looking for transmission leaks.

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