Why is My Power Steering Making Noise

power steering reservoir, power steering making noiseAs the weather cools down, your vehicle may start making all kinds of funny noises.  As winter weather approaches, there are a few things you may want to have checked or adjusted to make sure your car is ready for cold weather.

One of the systems that can start making funny noises is your power steering system.  If you find your power steering making noise, there are a few possibilities for the source of the noise.  A worn-out pump or air in your system could definitely be causing the noise, but it’s also possible that everything is working correctly even though things are noisy.

The pump in your power steering system is most likely a vane pump meaning it uses an impeller and centrifugal force to pressurize the fluid in your system.  These types of pumps can start to whine if the operating conditions aren’t perfect for what the type was designed to operate in.

One of the operating conditions your system was designed for was the viscosity and additives used in your power steering fluid.  If the fluid is too thick, too thin or doesn’t have the right additives it can also cause your power steering to make noise.

If you find your power steering making noise and it looks like everything else is working correctly, incorrect fluid type, viscosity or simply old fluid may be causing the problem.  A quick fluid flush may get things quieted down again but if your system is a few years old or older, it may need a little extra help to get quieted down.

If this is the case in your system, we recommend using BlueDevil Synthetic Power Steering Fluid.  BlueDevil Synthetic Power Steering Fluid meets or exceeds the standards set by your vehicle’s manufacturer and is even compatible to be used in Honda® power steering systems!  Not only does BlueDevil Synthetic Power Steering fluid have the right additives to keep your system quiet, but it also has the added benefit of a synthetic formula to maintain the correct viscosity over a wider range of temperatures keeping your system quiet all winter long!

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