How to Silence Power Steering Pump Noise

power steering pump noise, power steering pumpPower steering pump noise is frustrating and embarrassing.  Even if everything else is perfect on your car, a noisy power steering pump can make it feel like it’s falling apart.  Similarly, even if your vehicle needs some work, a quiet power steering pump allows you to drive without even thinking about your power steering system.  If you’ve got a noisy power steering pump it’s important to know what could be causing your problem.

How to Silence Power Steering Pump Noise

  • Make sure the rack isn’t clogged
  • Make sure the pump is in good condition
  • Check the fluid level
  • Check the fluid condition

Power steering pump noise always comes from 1 of 2 places, abnormal fluid pressures or a problem with the power steering fluid.  The two things that can cause abnormal pressures is a problem with the pump or a clog somewhere in the system. A failing pump will cause low fluid pressures and make it difficult to turn and cause noise while a clog will cause high pressures and noise especially when turning or at higher RPM.

The other thing that can cause power steering pump noise is a problem with the fluid.  For example, a low fluid level can allow air to get entrained in the fluid which will cause the power steering pump to be noisy.  Similarly, old fluid that has lots of debris in it or has lost some of its ability to lubricate the pump it will be noisy. If your fluid is old and ready to be changed flush the system with BlueDevil Synthetic Power Steering Fluid.  BlueDevil Synthetic Power Steering Fluid has superior lubrication properties to keep your power steering pump happy and your system quiet while meeting the standards of all factory power steering fluids.

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