Tracking Down an AC Leak


ac leakTracking down an AC leak is more difficult than tracking down any other leak in your vehicle.  This is because the refrigerant used in your conditioning system doesn’t leave any obvious traces or evidence behind to show you where the leak is.  Also, the refrigerant used in your system turns into a gas when it leaks out of your system making it impossible to see. Lastly, the refrigerant can leak out of tiny cracks or gaps in your system so it is certainly possible that you’ve got a hole or crack that is smaller than the naked eye can see.

AC leak detection is further hampered by the fact that half of your air conditioning system is tucked up under your dash inside your ventilation system making it impossible to inspect or replace without removing lots of other panels and equipment.  

Since leaks are so difficult to track down, you can save time by starting your inspection with the most common AC leak locations

Common AC leak Locations

  1. Condenser
  2. Soft line crimps
  3. High-pressure O-rings

Since the condenser is at the very front of your car right behind to bumper, road debris can easily poke holes in the thin aluminum.  Checking your condenser for obvious damage or brakes in the tubes is a great place to start looking for AC leaks

Since your AC compressor is mounted to your engine and your engine moves as you accelerate and decelerate, soft refrigerant lines have to be used to carry refrigerant to and from the compressor.  These soft lines can often leak at the crimps or where the lines bend. Check for cracks on the outside of these bends or right near the crimps to hard lines.

AC lines are attached to AC equipment using an o-ring fitting to contain the high-pressure refrigerant.  These o-rings can start to leak over time so you may consider checking the high-pressure fittings where the lines or bolted to the compressor and condenser looking for leaks or losing connections.

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