Where is My Oil Leak?

Leaking OilHaving an oil leak in your car can be a frustration and a hazard to you and your vehicle.  The difficulty is that the first indication we usually get of an oil leak is that obvious spot on the ground.  Now, before you get frustrated at the stain in the driveway or garage, remember it can tell you a lot about the type, severity and location of your leak.  Where the oil stain is, in comparison with where your vehicle is parked, is the first step in tracking down the leak.  You don’t need to get out the tape measure, but do take note of where the leak is, passenger side, driver side or center, and in front of, directly under or behind your front wheels.  Once you’ve noted that, go get something to quickly absorb the stain before it sinks into the concrete and becomes a permanent addition to your home.  As you are cleaning up the stain, take note of the color and odor of the oil.  Is it black, brown, red, green or another color?  Does it smell oily, earthy or like tar?  All of these things can help you more quickly identify from where your leak is coming.

If you notice the oil to be red, and the stain is around where the front of your engine is located, check out one of our blogs on power steering fluid leaks.  If the stain is green or watery, check out our previous blog on coolant leaks.  If the stain is red or surprisingly pungent and coming from the rear of the motor, or out near the wheels, check out our blog on transmission fluid leaks.

Most likely the stain will be golden, brown or black in color and smell oily or earthy indicating an engine oil leak.  Engine oil is contained in the oil pan of your engine, the lowest point you can see when you look under your car.  The oil from there is pumped through the oil filter and up to the top of the engine where it can lubricate the valves, lifters, cams and other engine components.  On some cars, this same oil can be pumped through turbo chargers, oil coolers, or through other equipment.  All of these components must be connected by hoses and pipes, or by passage ways and galleys.  The hoses and pipes are always at a potential for leaking due to the number and type of connections used.  However, there are other possible leak points in the engine itself.  The engine in your vehicle is constructed of many different parts bolted or screwed together to make assembly and maintenance easier.  These can include oil pans, valve covers, timing covers, cylinder heads, intake manifolds and other components.  Each component is bolted together with a gasket, or a seal in between, to keep the oil in the correct passages and galleys while it is pumped throughout your engine.  Over time, due to heating and cooling cycles, debris, infrequent oil changes, and vibrations, these gaskets and seals can wear out, become brittle, crack or rot away leaving a gap and a way for oil to leak.

Some of the gaskets in your engine are relatively easy to replace due to their location and how the component is attached.  For example, the valve cover gasket on a 4-cylinder engine is under the valve cover at the top of your engine and usually only held on by 6 to 8 bolts.  Some of the other gaskets or seals can be much more difficult to replace, like the oil pan gasket or timing cover gasket.

Oil Stop LeakNo matter where oil is leaking from your motor, there is one quick and easy way to solve the problem by permanently sealing the leak.  Rather than replacing a leaking gasket or seal, restore it by using BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak.  BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak is specially formulated to be added to your engine oil and remain there without any risk of damaging or clogging your engine.  As you drive, BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak will absorb into all of the seals and gaskets in your engine, restoring them and revitalizing them to their original shape, size and flexibility.  BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak is not a petroleum distillate, so it will not destroy or harm the seals in your engine if it is left in your oil until the next oil change.

Head to your local auto parts store to pick up BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak today and stop leaving oil stains in your garage and start driving with confidence.

BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak

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