Engine Oil Leak Repair Cost

engine oil leak repair costRepair costs can be one of the biggest factors in the cost of owning a vehicle.  Buying a vehicle that gets poor fuel mileage can certainly cost you a bit more to own, but large repair costs often add up to be the biggest expense.  Some cars cost more to maintain simply based on their design.  For example, a rear-wheel drive car will cost more to maintain than a front wheel drive car because you will regularly have to change the transmission fluid along with the rear differential fluid while with a front wheel drive car you only need to change the transmission fluid as there is no separate differential.  Similarly, a car with a timing chain will rarely, if ever, need the chain replaced whereas a car with a timing belt will need that belt regularly replaced to keep the engine running safely.  When looking to purchase a vehicle, it might be worth looking into these types of things to help estimate future repair costs.

Engine oil leak repair cost is one of those things that is impossible to plan for in the maintenance of your vehicle.  No matter what make or model car you have, an engine oil leak can sneak up on you at any time.  Even new cars can develop oil leaks quickly due to material defects or manufacturing issues.

Besides being messy, oil leaks can cause serious engine problems.  The oil in your car is what keeps things cool and lubricated during normal operation.  Low oil levels due to a leak is one of the quickest ways to do major engine damage and end up with an even higher repair bill.

Since oil leaks can be so destructive, the cost of repairing the leak is almost always worth it to make sure your car stays running and doesn’t leave you stranded or worse.  Engine oil leak repair cost has a lot to do with where the oil leak is located.  The oil seals and gaskets in your car are made from relatively common materials and replacements are easy to find and often made by multiple manufacturers which helps keep the cost down to $5-$30 for parts.  The majority of the cost of repairing an engine oil leak comes from the labor for removing and replacing any components need to replace that gasket or seal.  For example, replacing a valve cover gasket to seal a leak there is often one of the least expensive oil leaks to fix as very few components need to be removed so the job can be done quickly.  On the other hand, replacing a cam shaft seal can be a very expensive job as it requires the removal of a lot of components including your timing belt and some of your engine accessories.

Depending on the type of vehicle you have, the engine that is in it and the location of the oil leak, repair costs can range from as little as $150 to as much as $1200.

The good news is there is often another solution to repair your engine oil leak.  Replacing the leaking seal or gasket in some cases is necessary, but often times can be overkill.  Gaskets and seals can sometimes have small leaks due to normal heat and cool cycles of your engine, underuse, or other factors that can cause the seals to dry out or crack.  These types of leaks can often be repaired using BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak.  BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak can repair and restore old or leaking seals to their original size and shape stopping oil leaks and keeping your engine safe.

BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak

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  1. Yeasterday. I change the engine oil and filter but after one day i realize its leaking from bottom of the engine i check under the engine i saw alot of oil on there now i dont know exactly what to do because it happend after one year since i bought this car.

      1. Hi I have a oil leak but not major need to check it like twice a month and no burning smell or anything. Can this be sealed??

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