My Car AC is Blowing Hot Air!


Your car’s air conditioning system is usually listed as an option, or a luxury, but we all know that it certainly is more important than that!  If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic on a hot day, or jumped in your car after it has been sitting in the sun you know how important air conditioning can be for your comfort and a pleasant ride.

As temperatures rise in anticipation of summer, there is nothing worse than your car’s air conditioning blowing hot air to let you know you have a problem. Warm A/C, broken AC

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system uses high pressure liquids, a compressor and heat exchangers to help keep your car’s interior cool.  These hoses and heat exchangers can be susceptible to leaks, even with normal use and maintenance because of the high pressure and the location of the equipment.

When a leak develops in your air conditioning system the high pressure liquid, called refrigerant or sometimes refrigerant, will leak out.  At normal atmospheric pressure your car’s refrigerant will be a vapor so you won’t notice any puddles or spots from a leak.  As the refrigerant leaks out, the pressure is reduced in the system causing a lack of cooling power, and warm air to blow.

Finding a leak in your a/c system can be a difficult task because the refrigerant does not leave any trace behind as it leaks.  Also, the refrigerant leaks out as a gas so it can fit through very small openings in the connections between equipment and hoses as well as very small breaks in the heat exchangers.  Having a mechanic find and fix a leak can be an expensive ordeal because of the time it may take the specialty tools and equipment required to drain and refill your system.

There is a quick and easy way to stop a leak in your car’s a/c system that you can do yourself in your garage or driveway.  Red Angel One Shot is an easy to install a/c leak sealer by BlueDevil.  Red Angel One Shot is a complete delivery system for 2.5 oz. of refrigerant and 2.0 oz. of leak sealer specially formulated to seal leaks while not clogging essential air conditioning components that is backed by a money back guarantee.  Red Angel One Shot works on any R-134a system and also has a special UV dye to help you find where your leak was coming from after it is sealed.  Red Angel One Shot is best used to seal a system with a slow leak.

Low Pressure Side

Low Pressure Port

To Install Red Angel One Shot, simply attach the included coupler to the low pressure port of your car’s air conditioning system.  The port is usually capped with a grey or black cap about the diameter of a dime and is located on one of the metal lines running to the compressor.  The ports are often near the fender or firewall of your car.  For a model specific location, check your owner’s manual or online resources.  Once the coupler is connected, start your vehicle and turn the air conditioner on.  Empty the contents of the can into the system for a quick and permanent repair!

If you prefer to just add a leak stop agent, use BlueDevil Red Angel A/C stop leak and conditioner.  Red Angel A/C stop leak requires an oil injector to install; also available from BlueDevil.

Red Angel AC Stop Leak & Conditioner

Red Angel One Shot and Stop Leak are available from your local auto parts stores:

Advanced Auto
Pep Boys
CarQuest Auto Parts
Bennett Auto Supply
Prime Automotive

You can also purchase Red Angel directly at here.


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  1. Peter kuzik on October 2, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    I havea 2005 Toyota sienna and the air conditioning has failed. Can I use your a/c stop leak on my sienna. I am a resident of Canada ,Montreal area and was wondering if your product is sold here and where can I purchase it?

    • BlueDevil Pro on October 9, 2014 at 6:27 pm

      You can purchase through our website at


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