Hydraulic System Maintenance


Hydraulic System MaintenanceIf hydraulic system maintenance isn’t at the top of your to-do list then your leaving yourself or your business open to a lot of risk.  Hydraulic systems require proper regular maintenance and inspections to keep them operating properly and safely. In this article, we’ll talk about the most important maintenance to keep up with on your hydraulic system.

Hydraulic System Maintenance

  • Change your filters regularly
  • Keep the hydraulic fluid clean
  • Keep the hydraulic fluid at the proper temperature
  • Check joints
  • Check for leaks

Change your filters regularly

If your hydraulic system is equipped with fluid filters it is important to change them as often as the filter or your equipment recommends.  If you want to monitor your fluid filters even more closely you can implement a hydraulic fluid review program where you regularly sample your hydraulic fluid to check for contamination.

Keep the hydraulic fluid clean

Besides changing your hydraulic fluid filters, it’s important to occasionally change the hydraulic fluid.  Any time you change a fluid in a machine it’s important to change it while the fluid is warm and the machine was recently used.  This allows the fluid to flow easily and any wear particles to still be in suspension in the fluid so they are removed.

Keep the hydraulic fluid at the proper temperature

Hydraulic fluid can quickly break down if it is allowed to overheat.  Check with the manufacturer of the hydraulic fluid you are using to find out what the acceptable operating temperature range is and make sure you keep the fluid in that range.

Check joints

The hydraulic rams and motors in your system article arms and levers connected by joints.  It’s important to regularly check these joints for wear and add grease if they have grease fittings.  If you find wear or play in the joints it’s important to repair the problem before continuing to use your equipment or you may damage the equipment or endanger the operator.

Check for leaks

Checking your hydraulic system regularly for leaks is important as leaks will lead to a low fluid level which leads to hot and dirty hydraulic fluid.  Also, a leak can lead to reduced pressures in the system which can cause unwanted or irregular movement which can be dangerous. If you find a leak in your hydraulic system, add BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak to your hydraulic fluid to seal the leak and keep your system working properly.

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