Tractor Hydraulics Repairs

HydraulicsRepairing the hydraulic system on your tractor can be a frustrating or expensive endeavor.  However, if you are having problems with your hydraulic system it is important to repair it right away.  The hydraulic system on your tractor or other heavy equipment is designed to work under very heavy loads and in severe operating conditions.  Many times during operation the safety of the equipment operator or others nearby is directly related to hydraulics operating as expected.  If a hydraulic system fails it could cause part of the equipment or its load to suddenly drop or move harming those nearby or the equipment.  Even if your hydraulic system doesn’t fail catastrophically, even a poorly maintained hydraulic system can be a safety hazard.  Operators of hydraulic machinery are well trained and often have a lot of experience using a specific kind piece of equipment.  If the hydraulic system is not operating properly it can cause the equipment to move slower or faster, be jerky or otherwise move in an expected way making it not only difficult to operate, but also a safety hazard.

Maintaining your tractor hydraulics system has the same repercussions and should be a serious concern.  The best way to keep your equipment in good and safe working order is to follow the preventative maintenance schedule for your particular piece of equipment provided by the manufacturer.  Be sure to follow all the recommended maintenance at the proper intervals for the specific conditions and usage of your tractor or piece of equipment.

One piece of preventative maintenance is regular safety checks.  These safety checks should be completed once per day, or even every time your use your tractor or hydraulic equipment.  Safety checks should include things like:

  • A visual inspection of all hydraulic rams for leaks or scoring
  • A visual inspection of hydraulic hoses for kinks or leaks
  • A visual inspection of all joints for proper lubrication and movement
  • A visual inspection of hydraulic pump for leaks or blockage
  • A visual inspection of all valves and controls for leaks or wear
  • A visual inspection of hydraulic reservoir fluid level

Leaking Tractor HydraulicMany of these safety checks will help you determine if your tractor or equipment is safe to use.  Many of these checks will also help you find a leak in your hydraulic system before it becomes a significant problem.  Leaking hydraulic joints, rams, pumps and hoses is one of the main concerns facing older hydraulic equipment.  If these leaks are left unchecked they can quickly grow into fast leaks which lower the system pressure and cause slow or erratic behavior.  Hydraulic leaks can also lead to low hydraulic fluid reservoirs which will render the equipment inoperable and possibly damage the equipment or put the operators or others in danger.

If you notice a leak in the hydraulic system on your tractor during a safety inspection you should seal it immediately.  The easiest permanent solution is to add BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak to the hydraulic fluid reservoir.  BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak is specially formulated to be used with any hydraulic fluid.  It mixes in your system and is safe to circulate with the hydraulic fluid and will not clog or harm the system in any way.  BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak will restore the dried, cracked or shrunken seals to their original condition permanently sealing your leak.  BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak is available in 16oz, 32oz or 1 gallon sizes.  1 gallon of BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak can treat up to 20 gallons of hydraulic fluid!

BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak

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17 responses to “Tractor Hydraulics Repairs

    1. Gary-

      Yes, the BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer is compatible and safe to use in your Allis Chalmers d15 tractor. Feel free to contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 with any other questions.

      Thank you!


  1. One of the hydraulic rams on the front loader of my Fordson Major has sprung a leak from the seal around the joint between the piston and the outer casing. It leaks at a rate of about 100ml a minute even when there is no load in the bucket.. Would Blue Devil Stop Leak cure this or is it a strip and replace situation? If so, how much would I need to ensure that it gets to the point of the leak.

    1. Mike-

      Thank you for asking about your Fordson Major. Based on your description, unfortunately, it seems you may be losing fluid a little too quickly in order for the product to be successful. Typically, you would start to notice improvement after about 1-2 hours of operation. It sounds like you would be losing the product, along with your regular fluid, before it got a chance to seal. A hard part repair may be your best option.

      Thank you!


  2. Thanks for your response. I guessed that the leak might be too big, but thought I’d ask anyway.
    However, I found your response very helpful.


  3. I have a Yanmar 1602D tractor with a front bucket attachment. I’ve noticed several tiny leaks on the lines that I’d like to get another season out of. I may be wrong but it looks like the front attachment pulls from the hydraulic transmission fluid that also is part of the braking system (that also leaks). I couldn’t find a separate resivor. Can I use this product if it shares the same fluid? Any other products that might work?

    1. Jeremy-

      Thank you for asking about your Yanmar 1602D tractor. Yes, it would be fine to add the BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak for the symptoms and leaks you have described. You will be using one oz. of the product per quart of fluid in the system. Feel free to contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 with any other questions.

      Thank you!


  4. We have a 38hp Taskmaster tractor with a hydraulic fluid leak, uses same fluid in the transmission as the hydraulics–can Blue Devil Stop Leak be used on this Chinese tractor?

  5. Will this product work in a hinomoto e182 tractor because the fluid is coming out from around the rear axle goes into the tractor

    1. Thomas-

      Yes, the BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak would be safe and compatible to use on your Hinomoto E182 Tractor. You will be using one oz. of the product per quart of fluid in the system.

      Thank you!


  6. I have a ford 4600 su tractor, where the transmission and rear end come together it is leaking some fluid. Would your hydraulic stop leak work for this issue? The fluid in the rear end is the same used in the hydraulic system, transmission and rear end (New Holland dealer is the one who recommends and sells the same fluid for all 3).

    1. Luke-

      Thank you for asking about your Ford 4600SU tractor. Based on your description, we do recommend using the BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak. You will use one oz. of the product per quart of fluid in the system, and should expect to see results after approximately 1-2 hours of operation.

      Thank you!


  7. I got 2006 new holland and got a trans hydraulic fluid leak from where the transmission and engine bolt together will your product damage my transmission

    1. John-

      Thank you for asking about your New Holland. No, BlueDevil does not harden or thicken in anyway, so it would not cause any adverse affects on the transmission. Feel free to contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 with any other questions.

      Thank you!


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