Hydraulic Cylinder Repair


hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder repairHydraulic cylinder repair can be tough to find.  If you use hydraulic equipment often, then chances are you’ve already had to repair a few things.  Hydraulic equipment is indispensable in many lines of work including manufacturing and construction due to its ability to move such heavy loads or perform high-pressure tasks with repeatable accuracy.

The most common breakdown in hydraulic systems is in the hydraulic hoses which transfer fluid from the hydraulic pump to the working cylinder or hydraulic motors.  Hydraulic hose repair is usually a simple fix that won’t create a lot of downtime for your equipment.

On the other hand, hydraulic cylinder repair shops are much less prevalent and if you do find a good repair shop, they may have a long waiting list for your repair.  So what goes into hydraulic cylinder repair that makes it such a specialized trade?

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

  • Check the piston rod for damage or wear
  • Check the barrel for damage or wear
  • Check the internal seals on the piston
  • Check the external seals for leakage
  • Check the bushings for wear
  • Check the fittings for damage

Even though a hydraulic cylinder simply slides in and out it does it over and over again in extreme conditions and with a lot of force on it.  This repetitive motion can wear down components inside the cylinder. This most commonly includes the internal seal between the piston and the barrel as well as the seal at the end of the cylinder where the piston protrudes.  Similarly, if the piston has any bushings or guides, these will wear over time.

In extreme cases, you may even see wear of the actual piston or barrel where there is contact so all these components need to be measured precisely to make sure they are within tolerance otherwise replacing seals and bushings alone will not repair your hydraulic cylinder.  Lastly, it’s important to check the high-pressure fittings for damage to make sure they will create a tight seal and not leak when you reinstall the hydraulic cylinder in your equipment.

If your hydraulic cylinder needs new bushings or a new piston, then it may very well be time for a rebuild.  If your hydraulic cylinder simply needs new seals then it may be more cost-effective to simply use BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak to restore the seals in your hydraulic cylinder rather than rebuilding everything.  BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop leak can be added to the hydraulic fluid in your equipment and will restore dried shrunken or cracked rubber seals reducing downtime and keeping your equipment running.

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BlueDevil Products can be found on Amazon.com or at AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, NAPA, and other major auto parts retailers.

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