What Does a Rear Main Seal Leak Cost to Repair?

Rear Main Seal leakingRepair costs are often difficult to accept and understand.  Unless you do all of your own maintenance on your vehicles, you’ve probably been to a garage where you got an estimate on a repair and just had to wonder if they were ripping you off, over charging you or replacing things that really didn’t need to be fixed.  Getting a second opinion can be frustrating and driving all over town looking for the repair shop that will give you the best price can be time consuming.

In my experience there can be quite a discrepancy from one mechanic to another in how much a job will cost to fix the problem.  There are a few reasons for that.  Being a mechanic can be a tough business with a lot of overhead to cover.  Consider all the costs that go into having a repair garage.

Costs of running an automotive repair shop:

  • Insurance in case you damage a customer’s car
  • Very expensive lifts, tools and diagnostic equipment
  • Hazardous material disposal
  • Building Rent
  • Stock inventory of parts for many different makes on model cars
  • Current repair manuals and procedures for new vehicles every year

All these different costs go into how much a mechanic has to charge you for repair work, in addition to their time and expertise.  To help keep costs down, many garages will only keep on hand certain tools, especially when it comes to large equipment.  So before you bring a big job to a garage make sure they have the right tools for the job.

In the case of a rear main seal leak, many specialty tools can be required.  Often with a rear main seal leak the engine has to be removed from the vehicle to replace the seal.  The rear main seal is what seals the crankshaft to the engine block and keeps engine oil from leaking out around the crank.  It’s called the rear main seal because it seals the rear of the crank shaft where it bolts to the transmission.  In order to properly complete this job a garage would have to have a transmission jack, engine hoist and engine stand.  Many garages do not have this equipment on hand, and the ones that do often charge a premium for them.

Rear Main Seal

All of these things put together make replacing a rear main seal a very expensive ordeal that often will leave your vehicle at the repair shop for days or even weeks.  If you’ve discovered you need a rear main seal replacement and are trying to determine a fair price for the job, consider finding an online automotive forum specific to your make and model car, for example, http://www.camryforums.com/forum/.  Often times these forums will include other people’s experiences with similar repairs to the one you are facing and can help estimate the cost.

Before you go to Google looking for the appropriate forum, try heading to www.gobludevil.com and checking out BlueDevil’s line of automotive stop leak products.  BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer is guaranteed to stop the leak or drip from your rear main seal without the costly repair bill.  BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer is not a petroleum distillate so it will not destroy or harm your seal.  You can add BlueDevil rear main sealer to stop your rear main seal leak and it can safely stay in your engine oil until your next oil change, if not, Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak works great on oil leaks as well.

BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer

Find BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer online here , or at your local auto parts stores like:

  • Advance Auto Parts
  • AutoZone
  • Napa
  • Pep Boys
  • Bennett Auto Supply
  • CarQuest Auto Parts
  • Prime Automotive Warehouse
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts

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55 responses to “What Does a Rear Main Seal Leak Cost to Repair?

  1. I have a ford f 450 super duty mason dump with a 7.3 Diesel engine…. The rear main seal has a small leak…. About how much should I expect to spend on repairing this problem?

    1. John-

      We recommend using 1 bottle of the BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer. The product retails for around $14.95 and can be purchased locally through AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto, and/or other auto part retailers.

      The cost will vary some to have it repaired at a shop. The vehicle year and whgat part of the country you are located on will change the price some but you can expect to pay around $650 – $900.


      1. I need for someone to look at an oil leak on my frightliner it’s an 01. My number is 616-881-3999 my name is George please give a call. Thank you

        1. Daniel-

          Yes, the BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer is safe and compatible to use on your Mercedes Benz c300. You should expect to see results after approximately 100-200 miles of driving.

          Thank you!


  2. Someone told me my rear main seal needs to be replaced on my 1995 Ford Thunderbird that has 124k on it. But it is not leaking engine oil, it is leaking tranmission fluid. Would that be the rear main seal or what that be something else. The leak is coming from where the tranmission meets the engine. I would put tranmission fluid in and almost instantly the fluid I put in starts to leak immediately

    1. Eddie-

      Yes, it can be the rear main seal leaking transmission fluid. We do manufacture the BlueDevil Transmission Sealer but based on your description of the leak it may be too large for what BlueDevil is intended to fix. The only solution may be to have the seal replaced.

      Thank You!


  3. I have a 2000 vw jetta vr6 auto n i have an oil leak between trans and oilpan. My bro said its problably rear crank seal but cant find any info on how long the job takes cause my mechanic hasnt gotten back to me on the labor cost. He charges 50 an hour n i hope this is a 10hr max job.

    1. Erik-

      Another option would be to try the BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer. This is an additive that we manufacture and it is designed to stop oil leaks exactly like what you are experiencing. The product can be purchased through AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto, Advance Auto Parts, and other local parts retailers.

      We hope this helps!


  4. Check the hpop fittings, Ford has a kit to repair them .If they are bad, oil can fill the valley of the block and the oil tends to run down the back of the block where it meets the trans

    1. David-

      In general, the cost to replace a rear main seal, with labor, is between $650 – $900. Another option you could consider is adding a bottle of BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer (http://store.gobdp.com/rear-main-sealer-00234/) to your oil. The product carries a success rate of around 95%. Once it has been added you can expect to start seeing results after about 100 miles of driving.

      Thank you!


  5. I have a grand touring 09 mazda cx7. It is leaking oil and I need to have the rear main seal replaced and the v/c gasket turbo gasket replaced as well. Can i use this product or should I change everything completely? How much will this run me?

    1. MHyppolite-

      Thank you for asking about your Mazda Grand Touring. Based on your description, we would recommend using the BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer. You can expect to see results after about 100-200 miles of driving.

      Thank you!


  6. IV read your forum about this blue devil sealer for oil but doesn’t that change the consistency of the oil and does it damage the engine

    1. Millicent-

      BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer will not change the viscosity of the engine oil. The product works by slightly expanding, reconditioning, and rejuvenating the rubber seals & gaskets within the fluid oil system. The product will not harm the engine in any way.

      Thank you!


  7. I have a rear main seal leak it was pouring out. I put one bottle in and it stopped for the most part, I still see a small leak should I put another bottle in? When I change oil should I continue to put this in. I have a 2002 Ford Explorer with over 200K miles. Thanks for the reply.

    1. Bernice-

      Yes, we recommend adding a 2nd bottle of BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer. If you will be changing the oil within the next 200 – 300 miles of driving then we recommend waiting until after the oil is changed to add BlueDevil.

      Feel free to contact our tech support team at 888-863-0426 with any questions.

      Thank you!


  8. Can I use e Blue Devil Seal on my 2001 Acura MDX that is using Synthetic High Mileage Oil? If I will use the Blue Devil does it have to be put in when I am doing oil change or can I be put in any time. Because my car just started dripping oil a couple of days ago.

    1. Noemi-

      BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer does not have to be added to fresh oil. You can add the product now and expect to start seeing results after approximately 100 miles of driving.

      Thank you!


  9. Hi
    I am interested in a number of aspects regarding your product – before I go ahead and pour it in willy-nilly.
    1) Does it stop oil from finding its way through a “porous” aluminum tappet cover ( I had to get mine welded after it was cracked when it was torqued down incorrectly or perhaps over tightened by an app’y.)
    2) Can it or does it soften all the rubber hydraulic oil seals, If so can the seals turn to a mushy jelly?
    3) Is there any chemical reaction with the oil or can it change the characteristics of the oil in any way, because If it does is there any deleterious affect I need to know about or watch as some products do have an affect on some of the additives that the oil companies put into their oils to get the best out of an oil eg. the anti foaming agents or the detergents in diesel engine oil etc.
    4) Is there anything I need to be careful of such as overdosing etc?
    Thanks you
    Regards Jeremy

    1. Jeremy-

      The BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer is only intended for rubbers. It would not have any affect on any other type of material or the oil itself. The product works to revitalize and recondition the rubbers in the system and will expand them, or slightly swell them back to their original state. It would not over-swell or over-soften the rubbers. The product does not harden or thicken in any way, so it would not have any adverse affects on the engine. You will be using one oz. of the product per quart of oil in the system. Using too much can over dilute the system, and kind of limit the results you would get. Feel free to contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 with any other questions.

      Thank you!


        1. Dean-

          Based on your description, unfortunately, it sounds like you are losing oil a little too quickly for the BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer to be effective. A hard part repair may be your best option.

          Thank you!


      1. I have a Buick Enclave with some amount of rear engine seal leak. If BlueDevil does not work, how many hours of labor for engine R&R to change seal?

  10. I have a Trailblazer that I suspect rear mail seal is letting oil get in the transmission because i just change the transmission fluid and two days later it turned darker and transmission started slipping. It’s this possible? And does this product will work sealing this type of leak?

    Thank you!

    1. Henry-

      Thank you for asking about your Chevy Trailblazer. It is very unlikely that engine oil leaked into your transmission fluid. Please contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 so that we can get a little better understanding of the vehicle’s condition and be able to make any appropriate recommendations.

      Thank you!


  11. Before I start using your product I have a 89 Chevy picked up C 1500 with a 350 5.7 liter valve seals are leaking causing my truck to smoke Blue Smoke will your product help with this also.

  12. Hi,
    Interested in your Rear main seal leak stop product, however, I am trying to find in the product detail the specific vehicles that are compatible with the product, Can i use this to stop leaks of VW or Audi cars? Also, I am living in Canada and I am not quite sure how the product performs in extreme cold temperatures? Our local NAPA doesn’t have this item, but i will try to look and ask again. Thanks.

    1. Marcus-

      The BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer is safe and compatible to use in all gasoline or diesel engines. It is only intended for rubber seals. Ambient temperature would not have any affect on the product. You should expect to see results after about 100-200 miles of driving.

      Thank you!


      1. Thanks BDP, appreciate the quick reply. Unfortunately, I can’t find a store selling this product up here. It would be great if you know an AB retailer, maybe i could give them a phonecall.

  13. I have a 2010 VW Tiguan 73000 miles and now it needs a rear main seal (Curse VW and the Dealer that sold it.) If the oil level is just a bit under can I add this product without it going over the full level?

    1. J eggleston-

      Thank you for asking about your VW Tiguan. Based on your description, you should be able to safely add the BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer (8 oz.) to your oil with it over-filling. You should expect to see results after about 100-200 miles of driving.

      Thank you!


      1. I got a 2003 gmc yukon xl denial. Looks like I have a rear main seal leak not pouing out .What u think
        Should I change seal or will blue devil rear main seal work. Do I got to put it in ever oil. Change .

  14. Hi there,
    I’m having oil leaking in my lexus 1999 es300,
    I can see small drops everyday under the engine,
    The oil appear between the transmission and the engine, I think that’s from the seal between the engine and transmission,
    The under my car looks engine oil,
    So what do u suggest?

  15. I have a 2002 chevy trailblazer I went today and got a oil change and the mechanic told me that I have a rear main sealant leak but it’s small will blue devil sealant work or is it best to go ahead and get it fixed

  16. our acura rl 2002 had a rear main seal repair in 2016 at 196000 miles. It is not under warranty any more and it needs to be done again at 212000 miles and I am asking why. Not looking forward to another huge payout. What would cause this to happen again and is there an explanation for this. what at my options Thanks..

    1. Mary-

      Thank you for asking about your Acura RL. Unfortunately, over time, rubber seals will start to deteriorate in vehicles that aren’t driven on a daily basis or driven very little. We recommend using the BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer to revitalizd and recondition the rubber seal, and hopefully eliminate the necessity to replace the seal yet again.

      Thank you!


  17. I have a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe with 4.8 liter engine I have a leak where the back of the engine meets the transmission will your product stop my leak or should I just repair the seals on the engine and transmission?

    1. Mario-

      Thank you for asking about your Chevrolet Tahoe. Based on your description, we recommend using the BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer. As long as the leak is not more than a seep or a light drip, you would be a good candidate for the product. You should expect to see results after approximately 100-200 miles of driving.

      Thank you!


  18. I have a 2007 Chevy Suburban 1500 I just recently had a oil change and the mechanic told me I have two leaks front in and rear.Will your product stop the leaks or should I consider getting repairs done?

    1. Vicky-

      Thank you for asking about your Chevy Suburban 1500. Based on your description, we recommend using the BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak. BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak is more concentrated and is the universal application that will work for oil pan leaks, rear main leaks, valve cover gasket leaks, etc. Whereas the Rear Main Sealer is specifically formulated for just the rear main seal. If you are not 100% sure where the vehicle is leaking or there seem to be multiple leaks then we recommend using BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak.

      Thank you!


  19. Elisa Hartfield, December 11, 2018, I noticed a small. oil leak after 4 to 5 weeks of a oil change. I dropped it off at the shop to see what’s the problem. The mechanic states, the rear main seal has a leak. Approximately $300 – $350 to repair. Will blue devil stop the leak or should I make the repairs?

    1. Elisa-

      The BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer would be able to seal the leak you’ve described. You should expect to see results after approximately 100-200 miles of driving.

      Thank you!


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