Oil Pan Gasket Leak Fix

oil pan gasket leakGetting an oil pan gasket leak fixed is an important part of properly maintaining your vehicle.  The most important thing you can do to properly maintain your oil, and prevent leaks like an oil pan gasket leak, is to regularly change your oil.  You can find the recommended oil change intervals for your vehicle in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or you can find some general guidelines in this Angie’s List article on oil change frequency.

If you’ve already got an oil pan gasket leak then there are a few different ways you can get things fixed.  The best way to fix a leak is always a hard part replacement. Here’s a quick overview of what that would take:

Oil Pan Gasket Leak Fix: Gasket Replacement

  1. Remove components blocking the oil pan and oil pan fasteners
  2. Remove the oil pan
  3. Clean the oil pan mating surface as well as the bottom of the engine block
  4. Install the gasket or sealant
  5. Reinstall the oil pan and any other components removed during the job

Depending on the kind of vehicle you drive, replacing your oil pan gasket may be as simple as these 5 easy steps listed above.  On many vehicles, the first step of removing anything blocking the oil pan can really be a time-consuming step. If you’ve got a 4 wheel drive vehicle, often the front axle or differential needs to be removed to gain access to the oil pan.  Similarly, cars with V6 engines usually need to have exhaust components moved and sometimes even the subframe will need to be removed. All of this can add to complicated fixes and high repair bills.

If that repair doesn’t make sense for your vehicle, there is another option!   

Oil Pan Gasket Leak Fix: Gasket Repair

  1. Add BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak to your engine oil
  2. Drive as usual

Adding BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak to your engine oil will start to restore your oil pan gasket to its original size and shape even if it is cracked or shrunken sealing your leak quickly and permanently.

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