Oil Pan Gasket Leak Fix

oil pan gasket leakGetting an oil pan gasket leak fixed is an important part of properly maintaining your vehicle.  The most important thing you can do to properly maintain your oil, and prevent leaks like an oil pan gasket leak, is to regularly change your oil.  You can find the recommended oil change intervals for your vehicle in your vehicle’s owner’s manual or you can find some general guidelines in this Angie’s List article on oil change frequency.

If you’ve already got an oil pan gasket leak then there are a few different ways you can get things fixed.  The best way to fix a leak is always a hard part replacement. Here’s a quick overview of what that would take:

Oil Pan Gasket Leak Fix: Gasket Replacement

  1. Remove components blocking the oil pan and oil pan fasteners
  2. Remove the oil pan
  3. Clean the oil pan mating surface as well as the bottom of the engine block
  4. Install the gasket or sealant
  5. Reinstall the oil pan and any other components removed during the job

Depending on the kind of vehicle you drive, replacing your oil pan gasket may be as simple as these 5 easy steps listed above.  On many vehicles, the first step of removing anything blocking the oil pan can really be a time-consuming step. If you’ve got a 4 wheel drive vehicle, often the front axle or differential needs to be removed to gain access to the oil pan.  Similarly, cars with V6 engines usually need to have exhaust components moved and sometimes even the subframe will need to be removed. All of this can add to complicated fixes and high repair bills.

If that repair doesn’t make sense for your vehicle, there is another option!   

Oil Pan Gasket Leak Fix: Gasket Repair

  1. Add BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak to your engine oil
  2. Drive as usual

Adding BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak to your engine oil will start to restore your oil pan gasket to its original size and shape even if it is cracked or shrunken sealing your leak quickly and permanently.

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18 responses to “Oil Pan Gasket Leak Fix

  1. I have a 2006 BMW 330i with 60,000 miles. Bought new in January 2006. Don’t put many miles per year as you can see. Just had it serviced and they said I had an oil pan leak. I told them there was not evidence in the garage and they said that there is a pan over the bottom of car that catches drips. The oil level is in the OK range and it is changed every 15000 miles with the BMW filter (or whenever the info center says to change it). It has been about 7000 since last change and level is OK and just a little below full. They estimated the cost at over $1200.00. What do you recommend?

  2. I have a ’98 Wrangler that has an oil pan leak at the front of the engine. I had the gasket replaced but it’s still leaking. Any advice?

    1. Bryan-

      Thank you for asking about your Jeep Wrangler. Are you saying that after having the oil pan gasket replaced it is still leaking from the gasket, or that you are still leaking oil and are unsure of where it is coming from? The BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak is intended to revitalize and recondition rubber seals gaskets. If the rubber seal/gasket is new, unfortunately, the product would not have any affect.

      Hope this helps!


  3. I have a 07 BMW 335i E93 engine. I took it to the BMW and they said I have a oil pan gasket leak. Every 100 or 200 miles it wants me to add 1 quart of oil in it. What you suggest me ?

    1. Sean-

      Thank you for asking about your BMW 335i. We recommend using the BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak for your oil pan gasket leak. You should expect to start seeing results after approximately 100-200 miles of driving.

      Thank you!


  4. I have a 2011 Buick Enclave. Have been told I have a leak around my oil pan gasket. Was told the engine would need to come out to replace the gasket. The car has 151,800 miles and oil has been changed every 3,000. What would be your recommendation? Other than this issue, the car is still awesome. Thank you.

    1. Randy-

      Thank you for asking about your Buick Enclave. Based on your description, we recommend using the BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak. The Oil Stop Leak would be able to treat a leaking oil pan gasket, and as long as the leak isn’t more than a seep or light drip, you would be a good candidate for the product.

      Thank you!


  5. Can someone tell me if I have to jack the motor up in my 87 Chevy cavalier z25 2.8 by to change oil pan gasket

    1. Jeremy-

      You shouldn’t have to jack the motor up to replace the oil pan gasket on your Chevy Cavalier. You can actually see videos online of people replacing the oil pan gasket with basic tools.

      Hope this helps!


  6. Hello. I have a 2007 chevy impala that has had a small leak (few drops a night) coming from the oil pan area. Midas did an engine die for $70 and said they “thought” it was the oil pan gasket and wanted over $600 for the job. I had someone apply 1 bottle of Blue devil oil stop leak while the car was running (not sure if that matters) a few months ago and it helped quite a bit back then I am now noticing a significant leak again. The application took place around February 2020 and I am wondering if I can apply a second bottle or if I can try a different blue devil product.

    1. Chris-

      Yes, BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak is safe and compatible to use in your Ford Excursion 7.3 liter turbo diesel. Feel free to contact our technical support line at 888-863-0426 with any other questions.

      Thank you!


  7. I have a 2012 Mercedes c250 I have a real bad leak on the oil pan I added rear main seal stop leak blue devil is it the same as oil stop leak and I hope it works it will save me a lot of money

    1. Johnny-

      Thank you for asking about your Mercedes C250. BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak is more concentrated and is the universal application that will work for various leaks such as oil pan leaks, rear main leaks, valve cover gasket leaks, etc. Whereas the Rear Main Sealer is less concentrated and specifically formulated exclusively for leaking rear main seals. If you are not 100% sure where the vehicle is leaking or there seem to be multiple leaks then we recommend using BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak. It is not necessary to add both products simultaneously.

      Thank you!


  8. Have a 2003 Buick LeSabre V6 with a little oil leak coming from oil pan gasket or blue devil stop leak work in this car

    1. Tom-

      Yes, the BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak is safe and compatible to use on your Buick LeSabre, and would be able to treat a leaking oil pan gasket. You should expect to start seeing improvement after 100-200 miles of driving.

      Thank you!


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