Oil Change Cost

oil change, oil change costOil change cost can fluctuate an incredible amount in different areas of the country and from shop to shop so the best way to know for sure what an oil change costs in your town is to call around to a few different places.  Our recommendation would be to try calling an independent repair shop, the dealership for your make of car and an oil change only chain. For an idea of costs in your area, check out this guide.

Before you run to the cheapest place in town, it’s important to make sure you are comparing similar products as not all oil changes are created equal.  Here are some questions to ask about the oil change service you are looking into.

Oil Change Cost Comparison

  • Is a tire rotation or other maintenance included?
  • Are any other inspections included with the oil change?
  • What quality of oil and filter are used?
  • Are all of the fluids topped off as well?

Other Services

Like any service, it’s good to ask what else is included with the oil change.  Some places will offer a free tire rotation, free installation of other filters like your engine or cabin air filter and even changing wiper blades.  This can add a lot of value to a seemingly more expensive service.


Quick lube type oil change locations usually will check your washer fluid and engine air filter but won’t do a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle which is how they keep the service so quick and inexpensive.  On the other hand, independent shops and dealerships may check a wide variety of components like your brakes, suspension, and transmission. These inspections add lots of value to the oil change if they are not checks you regularly do on your own because it can help uncover problems before they get dangerous or do more damage.

Quality of Oil and Filter

Not all oil and filters are created equal.  Especially with newer vehicle’s longer oil change intervals, using a high-quality oil and filter can be extremely important.  It’s important to ask whether the oil you are getting is a standard oil, a synthetic blend or fully synthetic oil. You can also ask about the manufacturer of the oil to check on the quality of the stock they use as well as the additive package that they ad to the oil.  Similarly, different oil filters are designed to work for different mileage intervals so it’s important to make sure the oil filter installed in your car will last at least as long as the recommended oil change interval for your car is.

Topping Off Fluids

Things like windshield washer fluid, coolant and transmission fluid may also need to be topped off every oil change so it’s important to either check those and top them off yourself or find an oil change service that includes that as part of your oil change.

If your technician finds a low oil level before they start the oil change, consider adding BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak with your new oil to seal any engine oil leaks in your car to make sure you don’t end up with a low oil level before your next oil change.
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