My Power Steering Fluid is Boiling!

Power Steering Fluid, Power Steering Fluid is BoilingIf your power steering fluid is boiling you’ve got some real problems!  The systems in your vehicle use specific fluids to accomplish certain things.  One thing all of these systems have in common is that they use a fluid that is designed to resist boiling.  Your cooling system accomplishes this feat by operating at a high pressure to keep the fluid from boiling. Your power steering system along with your transmission and differentials use fluids that have high boiling points.  Your power steering system uses fluid that boils at a very high temperature, usually around 600 degrees! So if your power steering fluid is boiling you definitely have some other problems going on.

Even if your power steering fluid isn’t boiling, if it gets too hot it can get burnt destroying its ability to lubricate your system and keep it running quietly.  If you suspect your power steering is burnt either from the color or the smell, consider having your system flushed immediately.  

The more likely cause of “boiling” in your power steering system is actually just air getting pulled into the system and being released in the power steering reservoir.

How Does Air Get Into my Power Steering Fluid?

  1. A leak in the low-pressure line
  2. A leak in the power steering pump suction
  3. A crack in the fluid reservoir

The most common place for air to enter your power steering system is in between the fluid reservoir and the pump.  The suction from the pump draws the fluid from the reservoir into the pump and if the connections or seals aren’t tight air will get drawn in here as well.  Air in the fluid will make your pump noisy and your steering to feel soggy. When that foamy fluid finally gets back to your reservoir the air will bubble out and may make it look like your fluid is boiling.

Replacing the hose, clamps or O-rings between the fluid reservoir and pump section is usually a very easy and inexpensive job so we recommend trying this first to see if you can get your power steering fluid to stop “boiling”  If you still have air in your fluid you may also need to replace your fluid reservoir as well.

Anytime you replace a worn component in your power steering system it is a good idea to flush the system to remove any contamination from that worn component.  If you’re looking to keep your system in top operating condition, flush your system using BlueDevil Synthetic Power Steering Fluid.  BlueDevil Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is compatible with all makes and models and will keep your system running smooth and quiet!

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