Is Your Car Running Hot but Not Overheating?

overheating gauge, car running hot but not overheatingHow often do you look at your temperature gauge?  If you are like most drivers, our guess would be almost never.  Most drivers look at their temperature gauge so rarely that many vehicle manufacturers don’t even include temperature gauges any more but just lights that will come on if your car is either extremely cold or extremely hot.  However, if your car is running hot but not overheating, you might not know it without a gauge.

However, even if your vehicle has a temperature gauge it may not be telling you as much as you think.  Many factory temperature gauges are designed to read in the middle of the gauge over an extremely wide range of temperatures and may not tell you if you have a car running hot but not overheating.

f you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get an accurate reading of your coolant temperature, you may consider using a device that can read the exact temperature from your car’s coolant temperature sensor.  There are many options for tools can use but one of the most versatile is a BlueTooth OBD2 code reader and an app on your phone where you can read different values from each sensor, including the coolant temperature sensor.

If you find that you’ve got a car running hot but not overheating there might be a few reasons:

  • Clogged or damaged radiator
  • Low coolant level
  • Damaged water pump or thermostat
  • Overworked engine

Assuming your cooling system is working properly meaning it’s full of clean coolant and doesn’t have any damaged or clogged components, then it’s possible your cooling system just needs a little help to keep things at the right temperature.  To give your cooling system a boost, add BlueDevil Engine Cool to your coolant to give it that extra cooling capacity to keep your car from running hot.

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