Does Injector Cleaner Work?


Does Injector Cleaner WorkDoes Injector Cleaner Work?  We can take the time to explain the physics behind why cleaning your fuel system is important, and give statistics about how dirty your fuel system is all day (if you’re interested in that, check out this article)  But if you need proof for yourself, our recommendation would be to perform a few experiments of your own to help find out fuel injector cleaner really works in your car.  This will be a relatively low-cost experiment and will leave you with your own knowledge and experience answer this question.

The best way to perform a scientific test is to make sure you’re only testing one thing.  In any good experiment, you need to make sure it’s performed in a controlled environment and you only change one variable, otherwise, it can be difficult to tell why you got the results that you recorded.

In this experiment, the thing we’re trying to prove is that injector cleaner does indeed clean your fuel system.  If it does work, you should see a lot of improvements in your vehicle including a smoother idle, a more responsive engine, and easier starting.  Unfortunately, most of these results are subjective and hard to measure which is why there is often so much controversy about whether or not you should use fuel injector cleaner in your vehicle.

The biggest benefit of using fuel injector or fuel system cleaner in your vehicle is that the fuel system and therefore combustion process will work much more efficiently.  It is this improved efficiency that can have an effect on all the things mentioned above, but it also will have a direct effect on the amount of fuel your vehicle uses.  A more efficient engine will create the same power with less fuel meaning more miles per gallon and per tank of gas.  Fortunately for us, fuel mileage is very easy to measure and will be the metric we use to answer the question “does injector cleaner work?”.

To make sure your experiment is totally scientific keep as many things the same as you can during your experiment.  First, you need to get a baseline of where your vehicle is.  Start with a full tank of gas from a convenient gas station and drive a set route.  If your vehicle automatically tracks fuel mileage you can reset to reading right when you fill up the tank.  If your vehicle doesn’t automatically track mileage, you’ll have to make sure you allow the fuel pump to stop filling your tank on its own and not top it off so you can start from the same point each time.

Next, drive the same route consistently a few times or for a few days.  This experiment will be most accurate if it’s a route with very few stops, like one with mostly highway driving out of the city.  Remember while sitting at a stop light, your car is getting zero miles per gallon and your experiment data is getting skewed.

Once you feel you’ve accurately assessed your vehicle’s current fuel mileage, go back to the same gas station and add BlueDevil Fuel System Cleaner to your fuel tank, then fill up again using the same grade fuel.  Recreate your experiment and start tracking your fuel mileage on the same route with the same variables.  The closer to exactly representing the experiment the better.  Even small things like a cold weather snap, windy weather or a tire going flat can change your fuel mileage and the results of your experiment.

You can continue to repeat this experiment as many times as you want but our expectation is that you’ll quickly find that BlueDevil Fuel System Cleaner will keep your vehicle not just running and starting better, but consistently getting top fuel mileage because it is operating at peak efficiency with a clean fuel system.

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