How to Pass an Emissions Test


emissions testPassing an emission test is just like passing any other test.  First, you have to know what you’re being tested on, then you need to prepare for the test, then you go ace it!!

While the EPA is the federal agency that is responsible for making sure vehicle emissions are within set parameters, it’s up to the individual states to decide how, when, and when they are going to test vehicles to ensure their emissions systems are working properly.  Every new car has to pass the EPAs tests to even be sold in the united states but once it is sold, it’s up to the vehicle owner to ensure it isn’t polluting.  To ensure your vehicle is over polluting emissions tests will check a few things.

Emissions Test Requirements

  • Computer check
  • Equipment check
  • Gaseous emission check

Computer Check

Most cars built since the 80s have computer-controlled engines.  That means a computer is controlling the fuel and ignition system to make the most power and be as efficient as possible.  If this system is malfunctioning it can cause poor emissions from your car.  On most vehicles, this is a simple scan of the OBD2 system as it stores emissions data on newer vehicles.

Equipment Check

Besides the engine computer, your car was built with other emissions-reducing equipment like a special carburetor, an EGR valve, an air pump, a catalytic converter.  Many states require all the factory emissions equipment to be installed and functioning properly for the vehicle to pass the emissions test.  There can be a sticker under your hood that will indicate what equipment is needed or your local emission test office can tell you.

Gaseous Emission Check

This is the only emissions requirement that is not easily checked on your own.  Your check engine light will tell you if your engine’s computer is malfunctioning and you can easily inspect for the emissions equipment your vehicle is supposed to have but very few mechanics will have a gaseous emissions monitor or test kit.  This tests for levels of chemicals like nitrogen oxides (NOx), CO2, or hydrocarbons which are harmful to our environment and reduced by the emission equipment in your car.  

The good news is you don’t need to be able to analyze the emission coming from your vehicle to be sure you’ll pass the emissions test!  All you need is a good working computer, properly function emissions equipment your vehicle came with from the factory and a bottle of BlueDevil Complete Fuel System Cleaner.  BlueDevil Complete Fuel System Cleaner will clean your entire fuel system as well as your engine’s intake and combustion chambers allowing your engine to run efficiently and reduce emissions.  BlueDevil Complete Fuel System Cleaner works so well we GUARANTEE you will pass your emissions test!

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