How to Keep Coolant Flush Cost Low

Filling a radiator, radiator flushPerforming a coolant flush should cost you $7.99 plus the cost of coolant for your vehicle and take a little more than an hour.  If you’re not the do-it-yourself kind of person, it will end up costing you quite a bit more.  Today, our goal is to give you the confidence to do a coolant flush on your vehicle yourself so you can keep your coolant flush cost as low as possible.

The first step is to gather all the necessary tools and components:

  1. Next, drain the old antifreeze from your cooling system.  Your radiator may have a drain plug on the bottom of one side that you can use your pliers to open, or you may have to remove your lower radiator hose using the pliers or screwdriver to loosen the hose and pull it off.  Make sure to dispose of your old coolant correctly.
  2. After the system is empty, refill it with water, run the engine for a few minutes then empty it again to make sure all the old antifreeze has been removed.  Next, refill the system with water and BlueDevil Radiator Flush. Run your engine for at least 10 minutes, but up to a few hours making sure the cooling system is full of water and the temperature does not allow the system to freeze. 
  3. Allow things to cool by leaving the hood of your car open until you can touch the radiator hose and radiator cap comfortably.  Drain the water and flushing solution out of the system the same way you drained it before. If the water looks dirty you may need to flush your system additionally by removing the upper radiator hose and heater hoses and forcing water through them using a garden hose. 
  4. Drain the system completely using both the radiator drain and the block drain to make sure all the water is out.  Close all drains and reconnect all the hoses making sure the hose clamps are tight. Refill your cooling system with the correct amount and type of antifreeze recommend by your vehicle manufacturer.  You may have to start your engine a few times to remove all the air bubbles for your cooling system to get the total amount of coolant installed. 
  5. Drive confidently knowing your cooling system is operating at 100% capacity keeping your engine safe!

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