How to Deal With Oil in Your Radiator

radiator cap, oil in your radiatorYou’ve got oil in your radiator?  Is it supposed to be there? How did it get there?  All great questions if your friend just asked you how to deal with oil in their radiator because you know it definitely is not supposed to be there.

Your radiator is supposed to contain coolant to help keep your engine cool because an overheating engine can cause a lot of damage.  Coolant is made up mostly of 2 things, water, and glycol.  Water is chosen because it is great at transferring heat. In fact, water is almost 4 times better at transfer heat than engine oil is!  The glycol is in your coolant, in various forms depending on what type of coolant your vehicle uses, keeps things from freezing in the winter.

Since water is so much better at transferring heat than oil is, it’s important to remove any oil from your cooling system ASAP!

How do You Know if You Have Oil in Your Radiator?

Pop the cap! 

When your car is completely cooled down of coarse, simply opening the radiator cap or cap on your coolant reservoir will quickly tell you if you have any oil in your system.  Since oil is lighter than water most of the oil in your cooling system will float to the top of your radiator or coolant overflow tank. If you see an oil slick floating on your coolant it’s important to clean out your cooling system to make sure your engine doesn’t overheat.

Flushing your cooling system is a pretty easy DIY project so you should consider tackling it yourself.  If you’ve got oil in your radiator you need more than just a garden hose to clean your cooling system.  BlueDevil Radiator Flush and Oil Degreaser is a 3-in-1 cooling system cleaner that will flush your radiator, degrease the system and removes any rust build-up to restore your cooling system to its full potential.

If you’re wondering how easy BlueDevil radiator flush and oil degreaser is to use, check out this quick how-to video so you can be sure you’re ready to get the job done.

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