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fuel pump replacementIf you are considering a fuel pump replacement for your vehicle then either it’s already left you stranded, or you’re worried it might leave you stranded soon.  Fuel pump replacements are relatively easy jobs, but first, we’d like to talk about how to know if your fuel pump is actually bad.  Fuel pumps are relatively robust and simple devices so it’s possible that what looks or feels like a broken fuel pump is another problem altogether.

One of the most common reasons for a fuel pump replacement is if your car will crank but not start.  Assuming there have been no big changes to your engine (like ignition or cam timing) since the last time it ran, your engine should only need a little fuel and some sparks to get started.  If your car won’t start, it’s just as likely that it is an ignition problem rather than a fuel problem.  Even if you are sure there is a problem with your fuel system it still could be an electrical fault or a problem with your fuel pressure.

Start by checking for an electrical problem.  Locate the wiring going to your fuel pump and disconnect it from the pump.  If you have power at this connection while your vehicle is cranking, then you can rule out an electrical problem.  If you don’t have power at the pump, try reading our article on how to track down electrical issues.  Next, try checking the fuel pressure while cranking the engine.  You will need to connect a fuel pressure gauge with the correct range to check your fuel pressure.  Be very careful anytime you open the fuel system as there is always the risk of a fire.  If you find a high pressure it could be due to a bad fuel pressure regulator or clog in the return line.  If you find low fuel pressure it could be due to bad regulator a clog in the feed line or a bad fuel pump.

If your car is still running, just running poorly, and you suspect the fuel pump, you could find perfect fuel pressure during cranking or idle but the old pump just can’t flow enough fuel to keep pressure high during normal driving.  This is most often the reason for replacing old fuel pumps.  However, this is difficult to diagnose unless you install a remote fuel pressure gauge you can read while driving or have an OBDII scan tool that can display fuel pressure while driving.

If you’ve determined your vehicle requires fuel pump replacement, then the first step is to locate the pump.  Most fuel injected vehicles are equipped with in-tank fuel pumps so the first thing to do is to check if your vehicle has an access port for the fuel pump.  The access port will be inside the cabin of the vehicle directly above the fuel tank.  Some coupes and sedans will require removing the rear seat cushion, while other cars the access may be found in the trunk or under a floor panel.  If you’ve searched and just can’t find access, then Unfortunately you will likely have to remove your fuel tank to gain access to your fuel pump.  Removing a fuel tank isn’t as bad as it sounds, just make sure it’s almost empty first!  Simply remove the mounting straps and filler neck if possible and it should lower right out.

Once you’ve got easy access to the fuel pump, simply remove the hanger as an assembly, disconnect the electrical connections, replace the pump and inlet sock and reinstall the pump and hanger as a unit.

If you’re still not sure if your fuel pump is bad or not, we would recommend cleaning your fuel system first to see if it clears up any confusing indications first.  Cleaning your fuel system is simple and only requires adding BlueDevil Fuel System Cleaner to your next tank of gas and driving like usual.  BlueDevil Fuel System cleaner can remove deposits from your fuel system including clogs that can affect fuel pressure and injector performance.

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