Fixing a Rear Main Seal Leak

Rear Main SealHaving a leaking rear main seal can cause a lot of problems with your car.  Like any oil leak, a rear main seal leak will leave your car and your driveway a sticky oily mess.  If you’ve got an older car or an oil stained driveway already, it may seem like it’s not that big of a deal to allow your rear main seal to continue to leak, however, there can be some significant side effects of a leaky rear main seal.

First, your rear main seal is the lowest seal in your engine compartment.  That means if it begins to leak it will allow oil to leak more quickly than from any other seal in your vehicle. The other problem with having a leak this low on your engine is that it can mask indications from other leaks that you may have higher in your engine.  You may have multiple problems lurking in your engine, but a rear main seal leak will make them difficult to detect.

Another problem with a rear main seal leak is that it can go from a drip to a flood in a matter of miles.  A rear main seal may start leaking simply due to old age, a small crack or because the seal is getting stretched out.  Any of these problems can cause a slow leak, but they also can quickly turn into a large leak.  A small tear or crack can quickly turn into a large one due to the rotation of your crankshaft inside the seal.  A stretched seal also can tear easily as the seal gets deformed and thin.

All of these problems are so dangerous because they can quickly lead to a low oil level in your engine.  A low oil level is dangerous for 2 reasons.  First, your pistons and piston rods are lubricated by the oil in your oil pan splashing as the crankshaft spins.  If you’ve got a low oil level in your oil pan these components will receive inadequate lubricating which will accelerate wear.  Second, if you have a low oil level in your engine it can lead to low oil pressure due to the oil pump becoming uncovered.  Low oil pressure can cause a variety of problems like a lack of lubrication to your main bearings, your camshaft bearings or your valves.  This again will cause accelerated wear of these components.

Replacing your rear main seal will most likely be a very challenging job.  Replacing the rear main seal on your engine will require removing your transmission and most likely removing your engine from the car.  No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, removing the engine and transmission from it will most likely be an extremely expensive endeavor.

If you’re looking into fixing a rear main seal, then you’re on track to save a lot of money and headache.  Fixing the rear main seal that’s already installed in your vehicle rather than replacing it can save you the time and labor of removing your engine and transmission.

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