BlueDevil PRO Universal Leak Repair

Part: # 00241 Size: 12 oz. Price: $24.95


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BlueDevil Pro is a universal stop leak designed to seal leaks in multiple systems including power steering, engine oil, and differentials. BlueDevil works by rejuvenating dried or worn seals and gaskets. It does not contain any solids and is 100% safe for all engine components. BlueDevil Pro is a permanent repair, GUARANTEED.

  • Universal leak repair option for multiple leak points
  • Repairs and reconditions rubber seals
  • Easy Pour-N-Go Formula

Directions: BlueDevil PRO Universal Leak Repair


  1. With engine off, pour 3 ounces of BlueDevil PRO into power steering reservoir. (If the reservoir is full, 3 ounces of power steering fluid should be siphoned out prior to adding BlueDevil). DO NOT OVERFILL!
  2. Start engine or equipment and operate normally. Leaks usually stop within 200 miles of driving.
  3. For extreme leaks, a 2nd application of BlueDevil PRO may be applied.


  1. With engine off, add 1/2 of a bottle (6 oz.) into engine oil. One dose treats 4 to 6 quarts of engine oil. DO NOT OVERFILL!
  2. Start engine and drive vehicle.Expect to notice results after 100 – 200 miles of driving.
  3. Severe leaks may require a 2nd dose after your next scheduled oil change.

OIL SYSTEM REPAIR (Engine, Differentials or Gearboxes)

  1. Turn engine off and pour proper amount of BlueDevil Pro into leaking component (1 ounce of BlueDevil treats 1 quart of fluid capacity). DO NOT OVERFILL!
  2. Start engine or equipment and operate vehicle. Most leaks stop within 1 – 2 hours of driving. If leaks persist after 200 miles of driving, a 2nd application may be added.


CAUTION! Avoid contact with skin. Keep out of reach of children. Always use protective eyewear.

DISPOSAL: In accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.


If you have further questions in regard to the proper application of this product, please call 1.888.863.0426 to speak with our Tech Department.

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BlueDevil PRO works while you drive. BlueDevil absorbs into the seal to soften, expand & revitalize the size and flexibility to its original condition.

The application varies based on the specific leak you are attempting to fix. See Directions for application amount.

BlueDevil will seal leaks in any fluid systems that are seeping or dripping.

BlueDevil is a permanent repair!

Start engine and drive vehicle or equipment to let BlueDevil circulate. The repair is sealed while you drive (up to 2 days drive time).

YES. BlueDevil does not contain petroleum distillates, which can destroy seals after temporarily expanding them. It is safe to repeat treatment if other seals leak in the future.