Why Don’t my Windshield Washers Spray?

windshield washersLike many of the safety features on your car, you don’t often think about your windshield washers unless they don’t work when you want or need them to.  You may not have even considered that your windshield washing system is actually a safety system on your vehicle just as important as antilock brakes or air bags, but it is just as vital to your safe travel as any of these systems.

Your windshield washers play an important role in your ability to safely drive your car.  Without proper visibility, you as the driver don’t have the information you need to drive safely, avoid danger and travel properly with the other vehicles on the road.  Depending on what area of the country you live in, you may use your windshield washers every day, once a week, or go for long stretches without turning them on.  No matter how often you use your windshield washers, when you need them, you need them.  Maybe it’s a rogue bird who decides your car is too clean.  Maybe it’s the dust a semi kicks up on the highway or maybe it just started to rain and you didn’t realize how dirty your windshield was until you turn on your wipers and are met with a muddy smear.  Either way, when you need your windshield clean, you need it clean now.

Luckily, like many of the safety features in your car, your windshield washing system is very simple, so if it’s not spraying, its for one of two reasons, the pump or the nozzles.  The pump that pumps the windshield washer fluid out of the nozzles is a relatively simple pump that only requires clean fluid to pump.  For this reason, it’s important to make sure no foreign debris enter your windshield washer fluid reservoir.  You can ensure this by keeping the cap on the reservoir at all times and using a strainer any time you are refilling the reservoir with fluid.  The other important part of protecting your windshield washer pump is to keep your windshield washer fluid from freezing in the reservoir.  Since water expands as it turns to ice it can quickly destroy your windshield washer pump rendering your system inoperative.  With winter approaching having the right kind of washer fluid in your reservoir is imperative.

The other important component of your windshield washer system or the nozzles.  These are almost always on the hood of your car, but some cars will integrate the nozzles on the wiper arms or in the cowl.  The nozzles are important because their ability to uniformly distribute washer fluid on your windshield is the most important part of clearing dirt and debris quickly.  If your nozzles become blocked or clogged they can lead to much longer cleaning times which not only wastes windshield washer fluid but can also lead to dangerous situations while you’re waiting for your window to clear.

Luckily there is one easy solution to solve both of these problems.  Using BlueDevil Windshield Washer Concentrate to make windshield washer fluid for your vehicle will not only produce a freeze resistant washer fluid, but will also give you a powerful cleaning agent that will not only quickly and easily clear stuck on grime and dirt on your windshield but will help keep you windshield washer nozzles clear and flowing easily to make sure your windshield washing system is working at peak performance.

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