Which Power Steering Fluid?


which power steering fluidUnder normal circumstances, you should have to worry about which power steering fluid to use in your vehicle because it is not a fluid you change regularly or should have to top off.  Your power steering system should be a closed system where the fluid doesn’t get dirty very quickly. If you’re trying to figure out which power steering fluid your vehicle uses, then you either have a leak, are flushing your system, or have had to open the system to replace a component and need to top the fluid level off after the job.

If you’ve got a leak in your power steering system, it’s important to identify the leak location so you can know best how to stop the leak.  For more information on identifying leak location and fixing the problem, check out our article on how to find your power steering leak.  If you’ve got a tight system with no leaks and a full fluid level in your reservoir and are simply looking to flush your system, read through our instructions on how to flush your power steering system first.

Using the right power steering fluid for your system is very important.  In every power steering system, the power steering fluid has 3 purposes:

Purpose of Power Steering Fluid

  • Keep things cool
  • Provide working pressure for the system
  • Keep things lubricated

Keep Things Cool

It may not look like it to you, but every power steering system has a power steering fluid cooler.  Usually, this just consists of a long hard line at the front of your vehicle. The lack of cooling fins on these coolers usually makes them hard to identify, but that is what it’s there for.  If you use the wrong kind of power steering fluid, it could have a lower boiling point than your system was designed for which could cause your system to overheat and damage to be done.

Provide Working Pressure for the System

The power steering fluid in your system is also a hydraulic fluid in that it provides pressure to assist you in steering the wheels.  Different power steering systems have different pressures so if you use the wrong fluid, it is possible that it won’t stand up to the pressures in your system and may causing foaming or break down.

Keep things Lubricated

All power steering systems need lubrication, but different systems have different materials in them that require different fluids to keep them lubricated.  Some systems need a very thick fluid to protect them while others need a thinner fluid to help keep things sliding easily. Also, the different materials used will require different fluids to protect them from breaking down.  For example, certain seals or o-rings may be broken down with one kind of fluid, while a different kind of fluid will help keep them soft and help them seal the system properly.


Rather than searching through your owner’s manual to find which power steering fluid you should use, or online forums where you aren’t sure whose opinion you can trust, simply use the power steering fluid that works in any car!  BlueDevil Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is manufactured to exceed the operating requirements of all power steering fluids used in vehicles manufactured by major automobile brand today.  It is compatible with your factory fluid and will properly lubricate and cool your system while protecting the seals and components in your system.

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  1. Reba Green on December 3, 2021 at 10:10 am

    Looking for power steering fluid for 1974 Rolls-Royce need to know the type I can use where can I order this item

    • BlueDevil Pro on December 3, 2021 at 11:01 am


      It seems they may have been using Dexron II for power steering fluid, which is an ATF. Assuming you are not in possession of the owner’s manual, it may be best to contact the dealer for the specific power steering fluid to use in your Rolls-Royce.

      Hope this helps!


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