What Should Fuel Injection Service Include?


fuel injection service machineFuel injection service may be something you’ve been offered after an oil change, or in response to failing an emissions test.  The truth is fuel injection service isn’t like carb servicing on older vehicles. Carburetors have so many tiny passageways and jets and needles and all sorts of places for gunk to build up that they need regular maintenance.  Your modern fuel injected car now only has 1 place that is small enough for gunk to build up and that is at the tip of your fuel injector.

Fuel injection service may also include changing your fuel filter if your vehicle is equipped with one but the focus of the service should be on cleaning your fuel injectors.  There are a few different options for cleaning fuel injectors that you may consider.

Fuel Injection Service Options

  1. Off vehicle cleaning
  2. In vehicle cleaning
  3. Cleaning as your drive

Off Vehicle Cleaning

The most thorough cleaning you can get for your fuel injectors is ultrasonic cleaning.  This requires removing your fuel injectors from your vehicle and sent to a facility, like Havoc Speed where the can be cleaned and tested.  The injectors are cleaned ultrasonically and then often flow tested to make sure the spray pattern is consistent and that they are allowing the correct amount of fuel through.  This is the best option for cleaning your fuel injectors but will also be the most expensive due to the cost of removing the fuel injectors from your engine. We usually only recommend this service for high-performance vehicles or for vehicles who have sat for multiple years without running.

In Vehicle Cleaning

Performing Fuel Injection Service with your injectors still installed in the vehicle is still a great way to get your injectors clean and it will save you the cost of removing and reinstalling them.  This usually involves using your vehicle’s fuel lines and fuel rail to push a cleaner through your injectors and get them flowing properly again. This cleaning works well but isn’t as good as off vehicle cleaning since it only uses a chemical cleaning agent.  We recommend this type of fuel injection service if your vehicle is already running rough, or cleaning the injectors as you drive isn’t working.

Cleaning as you Drive

Cleaning your fuel injectors as you drive is the most economical ways of keeping your fuel injectors clean and if you do it regularly it can fight off gunk keeping you from having to do more aggressive fuel injector cleaning later on.  Cleaning your fuel injectors as you drive is as simple as adding BlueDevil Fuel System Cleaner to your gas tank next time you fill up.  BlueDevil Fuel System Cleaner will get to your injectors through your fuel system where it will chemically break down and gunk or buildup restoring balanced flow and keeping your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

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