Time for Auto Air Conditioning Service!

Auto Air Conditioning ServiceSummertime brings all sorts of fun for you and your family!  Trips to the beach, time off from work and school, longer days, and warmer nights!  Summer is a great time to plan adventures and explorer the world around you. For most adventures, you’re going to need a car that is working properly and up for the task of taking you and your friends to far away places.  To make sure your vehicle is ready, go through our summer road trip checklist so you can be sure you will get to your destination.  One thing you may consider doing is scheduling auto air conditioning service for your vehicle to make sure you not only arrive safely but comfortably as well.

It’s important to get auto air conditioning service performed on your vehicle because unlike other systems in your car, you need special tools to do any diagnostic work to make sure everything is working correctly in your air conditioning system.  For most of us, it isn’t worth the high cost of the specialty air conditioning tools (and the studying to understand how to use them) just to check to make sure our air conditioning system is functioning properly. Before you head to your mechanic to have things checked out, it’s important to know what you should have done.

What should Auto Air Conditioning Service Include?

  • Leak Check
  • Pressure Check
  • Refrigerant Check
  • Lubrication

Leak Check

Leaks are the number one cause of malfunction air conditioning systems in cars today so it’s important to have a leak check done.  This can be done by drawing a vacuum on your air conditioning system and watching for pressure to slowly rise over time indicating air is sneaking into your system from a leak point.  Another option is to inject a UV dye into your air conditioning system, then check for the dye at possible leak points while the system is running. Either way, finding a leak now can save you from losing costly refrigerant in the future.  If you do find a leak, use Red Angel A/C Stop Leak to seal the leak and keep your system functioning properly.

Pressure Check

Checking the pressures both before and after your compressor can tell you everything you need to know about how your air conditioning system is functioning.  These pressures can tell you how healthy your compressor is, if you’ve got any clogs in your system, and ensure the components in your system are operating as they should be.

Refrigerant Check

Each air conditioning system is designed to use a certain amount of refrigerant to work properly.  Too little refrigerant can leave the system blowing warm air and too much can damage the compressor or other components.  The only way to ensure your system has the proper amount of refrigerant is by completely evacuating the system, then adding the correct weight of refrigerant.  There will be a sticker under your hood or on your radiator support indicating the correct weight of refrigerant and lubrication your system requires. Adding refrigerant from an Aerosol can like those sold at many auto parts stores may get your system working better in some cases, but also adds an unknown amount of refrigerant to your system which can cause damage and make it impossible to tell how much refrigerant and oil your system has.


The oil in your air conditioning system is mixed with the refrigerant and circulates through your system as it does.  The only way to ensure you’ve got enough oil in your system is to again have the system completely evacuated, then recharged with the correct weight of refrigerant and oil.  The same sticker that lists the refrigerant capacity for your vehicle will also list the type of oil the system uses and the capacity as well.

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