How Do I Seal My Hydraulic System?

Hydraulic SystemHydraulic systems always start of shiny, new and working great, but like any equipment you actually use, over time it becomes dirty scratched and worn.  The reality is that any piece of equipment that is worth having is going to get worn out over time.  Scratches are inevitable, accidents happen and in reality any moving part in equipment has a certain lifespan whether it’s a wind shield wiper blade and needs to be replaced often, or a hydraulic ram that will be able to undergo hundreds of thousands of repetitions before it even starts to show signs of wear, all moving parts wear out.

In Hydraulic systems the wear is usually most evident on the hydraulic hoses connecting the equipment.  Since hydraulics are used to help move heavy loads through actuating arms, levers and other devices hydraulic hoses need to be flexible enough to travel and flex with the movement.  They also need to be extremely strong to contain the high pressure of the hydraulic oil being pumped through them.

Overtime, due to the constant bending, flexing and stretching of these hoses they can begin to leak.  This most often happens at the hydraulic hoses connection where the soft hose meets the metal fitting that screws into the hydraulic device.

The other most common place for a leak in a hydraulic system is at the actual ram itself.  Each hydraulic device, whether it is a ram actuated device, or uses a hydraulic motor, will have to have a seal to keep the hydraulic operating fluid contained inside the ram or motor.  These seals are designed to close tightly around the sliding or rotating shaft.  Like any place where there is motion, that seal will wear down overtime even if everything is operating properly simply from the relative motion.  As the seal wears down it won’t be able to contact the shaft as tightly and will allow hydraulic fluid to start to seep by.

hydraulic systemReplacing these hoses and seals can be a timely and expensive process.  Not only do you have to spend the money on the repair, but you are also losing time in which your equipment could be out servicing your property or making you money on the job site.  Downtime on your hydraulic equipment is costly and frustrating, but it may not be necessary.  It may be that the current hoses and seals in your hydraulic equipment do still have some life left in them, they just need to be brought back.

BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak is a specially formulated leak stop product that can bring your old seals and hoses back to life sealing your hydraulic system without the costly repairs or downtime.  BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak is not a particulate based stop leak that simply clogs holes in your system like old fashioned stop leaks.  BlueDevil is a liquid stop leak product that uses a unique plasticizer to absorb into the seals in your equipment to soften and expand them to seal your leaks and bring your equipment back to safe and reliable operation.  BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak is safe to stay mixed in your hydraulic fluid for as long as you own your equipment and will continue to protect against future leaks.

BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak

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