Rear Main Seal Stop Leak

rear main seal stop leakRear main seal stop leaks are an excellent solution to the very costly and time consuming alternative.  Without the possibility of using rear main seal stop leak, the only option to stop the leak would be a costly and time consuming rear main seal replacement.

Rear main seal leaks are often killers of engines due to their complicated replacement procedure.  The actual seal that is broken is often a relatively low-cost part, often under $50 dollars but sometimes as lows as $15.  However, the process to get to the rear main seal to replace it often requires removal of the entire engine and transmission from the vehicle, a job that can only be done by very skilled mechanics and even then can take 6-10 hours!  Due to the duration of the job and the skills required to do the work, it often can be more economical to simply install a new engine in your vehicle than to attempt to repair the rear main seal.  If your rear main seal is leaking, it is likely that other components of your engine are worn down and will soon start to leak as well or start to slowly fail.

Luckily for you, there have been great developments allowing you to seal the rear main seal leak in your vehicle without going through the hassle and expense of removing the engine.  Stop leaks products are relatively new to the automotive market and have made great strides in recent formulas.  Originally stop leak products were mostly particulate based.  Some early homemade stop leaks included aluminum shavings from a mill or even sawdust!  The idea was, if you added small particulates to any fluid system, they would be suspended in the fluid and eventually find their way to the leak point.  As the particulates traveled through the small leak point suspended in the oil, they would clog up the hole making it more difficult for the fluid to leak out.

This method of stopping leaks in fluid systems may be initially effective but can often quickly cause bigger problems.  Besides the particulates washing away from the leak with a little use, the particulates can damage or clog other areas of the system, and often cause unnecessary abrasions on the equipment in the system increasing wear on both components and other seals.

New technology in leak stop additives has led to a different way of sealing leaks in the systems in your vehicle.  Rather than simply clogging up leaks, BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer is designed to revive and rejuvenate the rear main seal in your motor so it can do the job it was originally intended to do.  BlueDevil Rear Main will restore your rear main seal if it becomes dried, cracked or shrunken due to age or use.  BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer is a completely liquid additive that won’t clog or harm any other components or seals in your engine and will stop that annoying rear main seal leak.

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6 responses to “Rear Main Seal Stop Leak

  1. I gave the rear main stop leak a shot in my 1982 f150 it slowed the leak but in no way has it stopped the leak. I will be returning to see if I will be refunded

  2. I have some Lucas engine treatment in my engine oil, can I still use the blue devil rear main seal stop in my oil or do I need to put fresh oil in the engine before using the seal stop.

    1. Zach-

      The BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer would be compatible to use with the Lucas engine treatment. You should expect to see results after approximately 100-200 miles of driving.

      Thank you!


  3. I have a 2007 cadillac dts with a rear seal leak. Should I wait til my next oil change to put blue devil oil sealer in? Or can I put it in whenever I want?

    1. Richard-

      Thank you for asking about your Cadillac DTS. If you are due for an oil change within the next 300 miles or so, you would want to change the oil first, and then add the product to your fresh oil. Otherwise, you would be fine to add the product to your existing oil. BlueDevil can stay in the oil for the life of the oil.

      Thank you!


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