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hydraulic repair servicesMaintaining your hydraulic equipment is one of the best ways to maintain its value and keep it working regularly.  Downtime on your equipment isn’t just expensive due to the repairs, but also the time lost in the project you’re working on.  Your hydraulic equipment is essential to the work you’re completing whether it’s for your personal use, business or anything else.  When things break down it’s important to have good hydraulic repair services quickly available to you.  Depending what kind of equipment you have and where you’re located, it’s important to know where the closest service center is in case you need a quick repair.

For some repairs, it is important to take your equipment to a service center.  Problems like electrical problems, blown hydraulic hoses or bearing failures should most likely be serviced by professionals at a dealership or equipment service center.

One of the most common problems you run into with hydraulic equipment is slow leaks.  The hydraulic fluid in your system gets pressurized to a very high pressure and pumped through the hoses, valves, and cylinders in your hydraulic system.  At each connection and seal there is potential for a slow leak to form over time as things move shift and bend with the use of your equipment.

The extremely high fluid pressure in your system can help fluid leak out of even the smallest of spaces so these slow leaks can seem like they’re not a big deal and can often be left to leak freely as your equipment is used.  This, unfortunately, isn’t the case with most hydraulic equipment.  It is extremely important to keep your hydraulic equipment clean.  The hydraulic fluid used by your equipment can quickly attract dust and dirt as your equipment is used in the harsh working environments it is used in.  The hydraulic fluid mixed with dust and dirt can quickly become an abrasive fluid that can grind away at the smooth surfaces of your hydraulic cylinders, the outside of your hydraulic hoses, or even the bearings and joints in your machine.

The other hazards of letting your hydraulic equipment continue to operate with a slow leak include low hydraulic fluid levels and risk of severe failures.  As your equipment leaks, the hydraulic fluid level will drop in the reservoir.  If the fluid level gets too low it can cause problems with the hydraulic pump, accelerated wear on bearings and seals as well as possible aeration of the hydraulic fluid which will reduce your machine’s ability to articulate and accomplish its tasks.  Also, if a component is leaking it’s an early indication that there is a problem that should be addressed before there is a catastrophic failure like a blown hose or fast leak in a seal causing a hydraulic cylinder to malfunction.

Rather than seeking out hydraulic repair services for every little leak or drip your equipment may develop, you can use BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak to seal to leak yourself and get your equipment back to working properly and safely.  You can simply add BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak to your hydraulic fluid reservoir at a rate of 1 gallon of stop leak to every 20 gallons of hydraulic fluid your system contains.

As you use your equipment BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak will store the dried, cracked or shrunken rubber seals in your system to their original size, shape, and sealing ability to stop the small leaks in your system.

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