How to Have Dependable Hydraulics


dependable hydraulics, excavatorHaving dependable hydraulics is like having money in your pocket.  Whether you are making more money by getting a job done faster or saving money by having fewer repairs, dependable hydraulics are a great asset to your family or business.  There are a few easy steps you can follow to make sure your hydraulic equipment functions correctly for a long time.

How to Have Dependable Hydraulics

  1. Keep good records
  2. Operate within the boundaries
  3. Keep up with regular maintenance


If your equipment doesn’t already have a good array of sensors or gauges to measure pressures and temperatures, consider installing some.  Without knowing what’s going on with your hydraulic fluid it will be impossible to properly diagnose the reason for future failures. Logging temperatures and pressures around your system can help you catch problems early, or discover the reason for sudden failures so they can be avoided in the future.


Your equipment was designed with a specific purpose or use in mind.  We all at times push our equipment to the limit, but operating within the boundaries it was designed for can really help keep it running dependably.  Keeping loads under the maximum and fluid temperatures in the proper range you can avoid catastrophic failures like broken joints, leaks or failed hydraulic pumps.


As with any mechanical equipment, regular maintenance is the best way to keep your hydraulics dependable.  Your equipment manual is the best place to look for the recommended maintenance, but it’s also important to do regular inspections of your equipment to check for play in the joints, wear spots or hydraulic fluid leak.  If you discover a hydraulic fluid leak, use BlueDevil Hydraulic Stop Leak in your hydraulic fluid to seal the leak and keep your equipment working properly.

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BlueDevil Products can be found on or at AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, NAPA, and other major auto parts retailers.

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