How to Change Transmission Fluid


This episode of Live Leak Free – Under the Hood takes us all the way under the car!  Today we’re talking about something just as important as an engine oil change, but so often overlooked.  Changing your transmission fluid helps ensure that your transmission will not be damaged due to premature wear or from debris floating around in your transmission fluid clogging things up.

As you can see in the video above, some transmissions claim to have transmission fluid that you never need to change like this BMW, some Toyotas and Fords, as well as other makes and models.  Our advice to you would be to do your homework on whether or not this is true in your vehicle.  The other thing to check is to see what the “lifetime” of your transmission is as defined by the manufacturer.  If they only designed the vehicle to last 150,000 miles but you want to try and squeeze a little more mileage out of it, you may consider changing your transmission fluid.

Once you’re ready to change your fluid, think again.  Make sure you’ve got enough transmission fluid on hand before you start the job or you could end up stuck!  Changing your transmission fluid isn’t like changing your engine oil where there is an exact fill amount.  The amount of fluid required to refill your transmission after draining it will depend on whether you dropped the pan or filter and just how long you let it sit open for.  We’ve seen over a quart of transmission fluid drain out of an already “empty” transmission in a matter of a few hours.  Make sure to pick up more fluid than you think you need to ensure the job gets done right the first time.

The Last Big Thing to Remember!

Make sure you set your transmission fluid level exactly as the manufacturer recommends.  Different transmissions have different ways of filling them to the proper level.  Most require the engine running and warmed up while others require things to be a little bit cooler while others even require the engine to be shut off and allowed to sit for a few seconds before you check the level.  Some transmission even require the use of a dealer’s dipstick that wasn’t provided with your vehicle when it was sold new.  Having the correct transmission fluid level will ensure proper lubrication and cooling for your transmission after the fluid change and is critical to your transmission lasting a long time and operating correctly.


If you notice any fluid leaks from your transmission while you’re performing your transmission fluid change, add BlueDevil Transmission Sealer along with your new fluid to seal the leak and keep your transmission functioning properly!

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