What Should a Fuel System Service Include?

fuel system serviceEvery time you take your vehicle to a mechanic they should do a quick check of the vital systems on your vehicle to make sure they catch any lurking problems before they leave you stranded or cause major damage.  One of the maintenance items many shops regularly recommend is a fuel system service.  It is extremely important to keep your fuel system in top shape to keep your car running properly and a fuel system service can help with that.

In order to run, every engine needs air, fuel and a spark to ignite that mixture.  Keeping these 3 systems tuned up and in good working order is important to keep your vehicle running properly and efficiently.  In order to keep air easily flowing into your engine, you need to regularly change your engine’s air filter.  If this gets dirty and clogged it will make it more difficult for your engine to pull air in which will reduce your engine’s efficiency.

Your ignition system is what creates the spark to ignite the air and fuel mixture creating the power for your car.  Changing your spark plugs regularly and make sure the spark plug wires are in good shape is the best way to make sure your ignition system is working properly.  If you get an engine fault code reading a cylinder misfire, it’s a good possibility that it’s time to replace you spark plugs and maybe plug wires.

Your fuel system is equally important to keep in good working order to keep your car running efficiently.  Just about every vehicle on the road today is fuel injected.  A fuel injection system uses a high pressure pump to feed fuel to multiple injectors.  These injectors open and close based on computer controls to add the correct amount of fuel for the amount of air the engine is pulling in.  Besides the pump and the injectors, a fuel injection system will have 1 or 2 filters as well as a pressure regulator.

The fuel you put in your car is refined and purified by the oil companies, but even the smallest amount of impurities will build up over time in the pump, filters, regulator, and lines.  Also, your fuel injectors are located in your engine’s intake manifold so they are subject to extreme temperatures and particles from your intake air.  All these factors can lead to clogging, restrictions, and uneven flow through your fuel system and injectors.  This can put extra stress on the fuel pump and injectors.

Having a dirty fuel system can also lead to poor performance in your engine.  If your fuel pressure is affected by clogs or restrictions in your system, it can make it difficult for your engine’s computer to inject the correct amount of fuel.  Also, dirty fuel injectors won’t flow properly which can cause lean conditions and an inefficient burn in your cylinders which will lead to a rough idle, poor fuel mileage and possibly even misfires.

In order to keep a dirty fuel system from affecting your vehicle, you should perform a fuel system service on your vehicle regularly.  Rather than paying the high fees for a mechanic to perform a fuel system service you can use BlueDevil Fuel System Cleaner to remove any harmful deposits from your vehicle’s fuel system.  BlueDevil Fuel System cleaner is the only fuel system service you will need!  It’s simple to use and will clean your fuel system as you drive restoring your vehicle’s efficiency and keeping things running properly.

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