How To Fix An Oil Pan Gasket Leak

 oil pan gasket leakFixing an oil pan gasket leak can be a frustrating ordeal.  Your oil pan is always going to be the lowest component on your engine.  It has to be the lowest because as oil is pumped all through your motor it drains by gravity back to the oil pan where you oil pump pickup is located.  Gravity always takes liquids to the lowest possible place, so that is where your oil pan sits.  The oil pan catches and holds all the oil in your engine whether it is running or not.  On Most vehicles, the level at which the oil sits in your oil pan is actually below the gasket.  This turns out to be a good thing if you have an oil pan gasket leak because once you turn your vehicle off the oil settles below the gasket and the leak will stop.  This also can make it difficult to identify an oil pan gasket leak because the only time oil is leaking from the oil pan is while you are driving.

How to ensure your oil pan gasket is the source of your leak

Since an oil pan gasket leak can be difficult to identify, it is worth making sure that your oil pan gasket is actually where the leak is coming from.  The same way gravity brings oil back to your oil pan, it also can bring evidence of a leak down to your oil pan gasket on the outside of your motor.  Just because you have oil around your oil pan, doesn’t mean your oil pan gasket is leaking.  While inspecting the underside of your engine, make sure to check for evidence of a leak and oil residue above your oil pan.  If you find oil above it, it may just be dripping down from another leak source.  The best way to be sure is to thoroughly clean all the oil from your engine using a degreaser or engine cleaner.  Then, go for a quick drive, maybe 10 to 20 minutes, and recheck for leaks.  Remember your engine will be hot!

If you don’t discover leaking oil from anywhere above your oil pan, then it’s likely you do have an oil pan gasket leak.  Many times oil pans can be very difficult to get to.  They are often held on by a significant number of small bolts and can sometimes be obstructed by the frame of your vehicle or steering components.  On some vehicles you have to remove the front sub frame or even the motor to remove the oil pan.

Oil Pan Gasket leakEven if your oil pan is easy to get to it can be a frustrating job.  All the bolts holding it on thread into your engine block, so if one gets broken or damaged you will have very difficult job of repairing it.  If you do happen to break a bolt during removal of your oil pan, check out this article Removing Broken Bolts.  Also, your oil pan is made of relatively thin metal so it can be easy to damage during removal even if it’s done by a professional mechanic.  If your oil pan is dented or bent during removal it can be very difficult to get a good seal on a new gasket when your re-install your old oil pan.

How to stop an oil pan leak

With everything that can go wrong removing your oil pan, your current oil pan gasket in place.  Luckily there is a way to restore your original oil pan gasket to its original shape, size and softness which can seal your leak without any of the trouble we mentioned above.  BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak is an oil additive that can restore the seals and gaskets in your vehicle’s engine to their original shape and size stopping your leaks permanently.  BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak doesn’t have any harmful particles or fibers that could damage your engine and can be left in your engine oil until your next oil change.  BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak will restore your oil pan gasket, stopping your leak, and saving you time and money.

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