How to Fix Your AC

Broken ACSummer is not over yet!  The last full day of summer in 2014 is actually not until September 21st.  I know this is true because every afternoon when I jump into my car is scorching hot and I’m left with a burn mark the shape of a seatbelt buckle.  The afternoon rain storms keep me from leaving my windows down but the broken air conditioner in my car keep me from being comfortable on the ride home.  Sure, driving with the windows down is fun for the first few days of summer but now that we’re a few months in, working air condition would be nice to have.

At the beginning of summer there are quite a few garages and mechanics with “Summer AC tune-up Special”.  If you visited many of them, you might find the “special” isn’t a good of a deal as you hoped.  Now that you’ve suffered all summer, it’s time to get your AC fixed without spending a fortune.

Fixing your air conditioner may not be as complicated or as expensive as you may have thought, regardless of whether your car’s air conditioner is blowing hot air or not working at all. A significant portion of all repairs on your vehicle consists of the labor charges for the shop.  Many mechanics are talented, honest men and women but if you have a few minutes to spare, you may be able to save quite a bit of money.  The air conditioning system in your vehicle consists of very few moving parts so there isn’t much to wear out or go bad from use.  The compressor, which is driven by the accessory belt on your engine, is the motive force behind your air conditioning system and the only moving part.  Since your AC system is a closed system, meaning there shouldn’t be any way for air, water or contamination to get in, or for refrigerant to get out, the internal workings stay relatively clean and uncontaminated.  This means your AC compressor should continue to work hard for years and often can often outlast the engine in your vehicle.

Leaking AC hoseIf it’s unlikely that the compressor in your AC system has actually failed, and no other parts can move to wear out, why doesn’t your air conditioning work?  Most often, air conditioning failures happen in the form of a leak in the system.  If the refrigerant in your AC system has leaked out, there won’t be enough for the compressor to compress which can lead to malfunctions or a lack of cooling.  In your vehicle, leaks can happen for multiple reasons.  Since the whole system is mounted to a running vibrating engine and installed in a car going over bumps, potholes, rough roads and stopping suddenly, it is not usual for some of the connections or lines to lose their tight fit after miles of driving allowing the refrigerant to leak out.  Also, since many of the components in your AC system are exposed to harsh environments like drastic temperature swings, rocks, dust, road debris or chewing animals they can also become damaged or develop small leaks.

Tracking down and AC system leak can be a difficult process because the refrigerant is a gas at room temperatures and is odorless and colorless so you cannot see, hear or smell it leaking.  The reality is if you are trying to stop a leak in your air conditioning system, you don’t actually need to find it at all. BlueDevil Red Angel can find your leak and permanently seal it without your having to find it first.  Simply add BlueDevil Red Angel AC Stop Leak to your air conditioning system using the AC oil injector or by using the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak aerosol can with attached coupler and BlueDevil’s specialized formula will seek out the leak.  BlueDevil Red Angel is activated by the temperature differential at the leak point and will form a chemical weld at that point sealing your leak.  Simple recharge your air conditioning system with refrigerant and you will have a leak free air conditioning system.

Red Angel AC Stop Leak & Conditioner

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