DIY Windshield Washer Fluid

dirty_windshieldRefilling your windshield washer fluid is probably one of the last things on your to-do list for your car.  Since your windshield washer fluid is something you can go weeks, or maybe even months without using, it can be easy to forget about it.  Also, most of us don’t keep windshield washer fluid on hand in our garages so refilling you system is something that takes more planning and time from your schedule.

Windshield washer fluid is essential for safe operation of your vehicle.  It is such an important part of operating your car that many newer vehicles have warning systems to let you know your windshield washer fluid reservoir is starting to get low on fluid so you can make plans to refill it soon.

There is always the easiest option of picking up a gallon of windshield washer fluid from your local car parts store or gas station.  Like most things, there is always an extra cost for convenience.  In this case, the extra cost of gas station windshield washer fluid isn’t worth it.  Not only is this windshield washer fluid unnecessarily expensive, you may not be getting exactly what you need.

Using the wrong type of windshield washer fluid can be a dangerous thing.  If anything would work, you could just put water the reservoir.  The truth is you need more than just water to keep your windshield clean.  First, you need a cleaning agent that is a little more powerful than pure water.  When you are doing 70 MPH down the highway and hit a bug it can get very stuck to your windshield.  The pressure of the wiper blades can help move the gunk on your windshield, but you need a cleaning agent that is powerful enough to lift the dirt and grime off the glass so it can be wiped away.  This cleaning agent needs to be powerful, but it also needs to not damage the rubber on your wipers, the plastic on your trim or the paint on your car.

Besides being a great cleaning agent, windshield washer fluid also needs to not obscure your vision.  As you’re spraying the windshield washer fluid it needs to clear quickly from your windshield.  If it is a substance that does not wipe away easily or can blur your vision it may end up making matters worse.  Windshield washer fluid needs to be a substance that can evaporate quickly and will clear easily with your windshield wipers.

In many cases, it can be better for your car and your safety to make a DIY windshield washer fluid rather than purchasing a pricey jug at the gas station that doesn’t end up working very well.  You can easily make your own windshield wiper fluid using BlueDevil’s Washer Concentrate.  BlueDevil’s Washer Concentrate is an industrial strength formula that is able to remove the dirt and grime from your windshield easily so your wipers can do their job.  BlueDevil’s Washer Concentrate is also a safe formula that is designed to not damage any rubber, plastic or paint on your car.  Lastly, BlueDevil Washer Concentrate is safe to keep in your reservoir through the winter and won’t freeze!  Our small 16 oz container is easy to store and can be mixed with water from your tap to make 16 gallons of high quality washer concentrate.

The best part is you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home!  BlueDevil Washer Concentrate is available online directly from BlueDevil here:

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