Coolant Flush Cost

coolant flush costEstimating the coolant flush cost for your vehicle shouldn’t be a terribly difficult process.  The coolant flush cost for your vehicle should be based on the cooling system capacity, the quality of the flush, and any equipment that will be replaced during the flush.

The cooling system capacity for your vehicle should be relatively easy to find in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.  You can try checking in the “routine maintenance” section or in the “fluid capacity” section to find out how much coolant your vehicle holds.  Doing a routine coolant flush you should count on having enough coolant on hand to refill the entire system as if it’s completely empty.  When using that capacity to estimate cost, remember that you can purchase coolant in either a “ready to add” state or in a concentrated form that requires mixing with water.  Often times, purchasing the concentrated coolant can save you money in the long run as you can dilute it with inexpensive distilled water and end up with more ready to use coolant for less money.

Flushing the cooling system in your car shouldn’t be as simple as draining and refilling it.  A coolant flush should include a process to remove any and all old coolant as well as any debris, wear products, or other contaminates that may be present in your cooling system.  While you’re got your cooling system drained, it is also a good idea to replace any worn components.  If you end up having to replace a hose or a thermostat later, the cost will be significantly more.  These components are their own are inexpensive, but if you have to pay for all new coolant just to replace a hose, the cost of the repair can increase significantly.  If your cooling system hoses are starting to swell, are cracked on the ends, or are starting to deposit rubber particles into your cooling system, you should consider changing them while you have the system drained.  Similarly, if your car has overheated in the past, or you noticed odd cooling characteristics like a bouncing temperature gauge, long warm up times or overheating, it’s a good idea to change your thermostat during the coolant flush as well.

The last part of the cost to consider while estimating the coolant flush cost for your vehicle is the cost of actually flushing the system.  A flush should include 2 steps.  First, it’s a good idea to clean all the old coolant out of the system.  This should include forcing clear water through your cooling system from multiple directions including backward and forward through the heater core, radiator and upper and lower radiator hose.  This can be done with a simple garden hose as long as you drain all the water from the system before refilling it with coolant.  Second, it’s important to use a good chemical cleaner to flush the system and remove any scaling in your system to make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency.

Using BlueDevil radiator flush will only add a small amount of cost to your coolant flush but will gain huge benefits for your cooling system.  BlueDevil Radiator Flush is a concentrated formula that can remove rust, oil, and debris from your cooling system restoring its efficiency and making sure your engine stays cool and operating properly with your new coolant.  Once you’ve added the cost of BlueDevil Radiator Flush to your estimate you should have an accurate idea of what it will cost to complete a coolant flush on your own.  To pay a mechanic for the same job, simply add an hour or 2 of their labor costs to your calculations.

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