Common Oil Leaks

common oil leaksMost cars are built just about the same way.  Sure, German engineering is a little bit different from the ideas that Japanese automakers have developed.  Dodge is notorious for putting engines that are just a little bit too big in their vehicles and everyone knows the reputation that Ford and Chevy trucks have.  However, underneath the big hoods and luxurious leather stitching, modern automobiles are very similar.  Since the construction of most cars and trucks are similar, most vehicles share common problems. Over the course of time, many vehicles will spring the same common oil leaks.

Common oil leaks usual pop up due to the construction of most engines, the placement of gaskets and seals and the operating conditions of your vehicle.  In this article, we’ll talk through the most common oil leaks in vehicles today, why they happen and how to seal them quickly and easily.

One of the most common oil leaks found in automobiles today is a valve cover gasket leak.  Due to the design of the internal combustion engine, the valves are located at the top of each piston.  These valves need to be constantly lubricated by oil and if the engine has an overhead camshaft, that needs lubrication as well.  All of these components are housed under the valve cover and the gasket is what keeps the oil inside the engine.  Leaks are common here due to the high temperatures at the top of the engine and the relatively thin metal of the valve cover combined with a long gasket length.  All of these factors lead to quick fatigue of the gasket.  Since your valve covers are on the top of your engine they can often be accessed relatively easily so replacement of old gaskets is an easy option.

Another common leak site on your vehicle may be your timing cover gasket.  If your engine has a timing chain rather than a belt to drive the camshaft, the chain and gears need to be lubricated with oil.  The cover that contains the timing components and the oil is called the timing cover and that gasket is often a leak point.  The timing cover gasket leaks easily for similar reasons as your valve cover gasket, but also due to its vertical orientation combined with the oil bath the timing chain requires and the inherent vibrations in that area of your engine.  Replacing timing cover gaskets can be a tough job because it will often require removal of the accessories for your engine and on a front wheel drive car is tucked down in a difficult to reach area.

The last source of common oil leaks in cars today is from the crank and cam shaft seals.  If your car has a timing belt, it does not need oil lubrication so your camshafts will have seals behind the timing gear.  Also, your crankshaft will have a seal on it where the front of it exits your engine for the harmonic balancer and accessory pulley as well as a seal on the back of it where it attaches to the flywheel or flex plate.  These oil seals surround a rotating shaft so they tend to wear out quickly simply due to normal use.  These oil seals are also all extremely hard to replace and require removal of a significant amount of the engine that can be complicated to reinstall.

No matter where the leaking oil is coming from in your vehicle, the first fix you should consider is fixing the component that’s already installed rather than replacing it.  Often times much of the gasket or seal is in good condition except for one small spot where the leak is.  Adding BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak to your engine oil can restore and revive the leaking section of the gasket or seal in your engine stopping your oil leak and getting things back to normal.

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2 responses to “Common Oil Leaks

  1. question: I have a 02 Durango with a 4.7l engine. on the left front head its leaking oil from the head gasket, it also might be coming from the top left corner of the timing chain cover. question is will your produst stop the leak and if it can which one do i use. i dont want to purchase the wrong one. thank you

    1. Richard-

      Thank you for asking about your Dodge Durango. Unfortunately, we do not manufacture a product intended to stop oil leaks from the head gasket. The BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak is only intended for rubber seals/gaskets, and our Head Gasket Sealer(s) are only intended for water/coolant leaks. A hard part repair may be your best option.

      Thank you!


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